Minimalist EDC | Spring 2022

In this week’s video I’m sharing my Every Day Carry setup for Spring 2022.
(Items Mentioned Below)

Items Mentioned:

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17 new from $178.00
20 used from $64.08
as of September 27, 2022 5:57 am
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3 new from $157.50
as of September 27, 2022 5:57 am
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7 new from $151.00
as of September 27, 2022 5:57 am
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as of September 27, 2022 5:57 am
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  1. Forgot to mention in case anyone was wondering, currently using the AER Day sling max 3 from the recent release the other week!
    What’s your EDC these days? 👇

  2. 34$ for a plastic bottle that does not even stand properly 😂 It's GUCCI level fashion item 🤣

  3. mighty hanks have some nice handkerchiefs

  4. I like your videos and see what's new. Question….why are you carrying a knife. What are you using for?

  5. Thanks for good video and edc choices, Better do not use plastic bottles , all plastics regardless of what they claim , react with uv and release toxins, solvents in water. Glass or stainless steel better

  6. Try Mighty Hanks or Hanks by Hank

  7. Card case. I collect snappy bags from products I buy and put them away in size order. Have one real small snappy bag , in my EDC, that can carry some 30-business cards and can place in the bag any business cards I receive in return.

  8. The MEMO BOTTLE does not have the ability of holding soda or fizzy drinks – therefore, not for me.
    Pricing, I use 2nd use 600ml Pepsi bottles – for free in my EDC

  9. minimalist edc = affordable edc 😭

  10. try "hanksbyhank" hankerchiefs ! they have microfiber on the back

  11. there are plenty of etsy makers who create handkerchiefs with microfiber ( Atlas creations, Ace of Hanks, etc) or even microsuede (swank hanks)

  12. 12 pro max came out november 2020..your math on owning the phone for 3 years is a bit off…?

  13. I drive everywhere so I keep the things in my car. Even when I'm walking, I normally just carry the water bottle

  14. i love those sunglasses, but had a similar problem with them dropping once and the frame cracking. thanks for sharing!

  15. Mighty Hanks is what you're looking for.

  16. I would just put a new battery in the iPhone.

  17. I wear the casio world timer in stainless steel

  18. Mighty Hank is the best handkerchief

  19. I have expensive watches and I always end up with my casio world time on.

  20. Why is he always winking at me?

  21. MIghty Hanks bro never looked back

  22. Yip only got to the ear buds. Yeah nah next.

  23. How are gonna boil water in that plastic bottle… for whatever.
    How are you gonna survive covid without a mask…
    How are you going to keep yourself entertained when the black out hits…
    Idk hipster dude…

  24. The memo series are overpriced water bottle. they are so expensive and not well design.

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