My Alaskan Everyday Carry Essentials


Here are the six basic items I never leave home without. Or, my everyday carry essentials, what are some EDC gear essentials for you? A knife, cell phone, pen, flashlight, multi-tool, handgun? Let us know in the comment section below.



  1. I don’t need any of that I know karate I’ve seen all the karate kids even the new one

  2. What’s the update? What’s your carry ammo? Did you upgrade to a glock20? What about pepper spray?

  3. Life in the Taiga..stay safe out there!

  4. ??tbh I can’t stand this life I’m living I just want to run away to Alaska with nothing an try to survive

  5. I'd carry a AR-10, and a granade for when I get a jam.

  6. My wife spent the summer up there about 12 years ago she loved it up there feels like God's got a calling for her in Alaska Moore from Alabama so it's 44 degrees here today and it's cold here LOL so I can imagine how bad it is up there good video keep them coming I subscribed

  7. walking out in woods where bears are I'd carry a rifle or 12 gauge plus a GLOCK 10mm

  8. You neeed a Cascade Wallet from Mani Wonders to take your collection to next level

  9. Good one. I lived up north for 3 yrs, this guy gets i!t

  10. Fairbanks not have an Orthodontist ?

  11. I subscribed. Love your channel. I like all these commenters,there great. Like one was saying that you should carry something bigger,well….there idiots. You get an EDC for self protection,not bear defense. You try pumping even the entire magazine into that bear and your only going to piss him off. A lot of people don't understand that. If your were going for bear defense you would carry a .500, or an .454 Casull. A 9mm,a 10mm,a .40,a .45 ACP,even a .44…they just woulnt do a bear in. Bears are natures tanks. Someone else ssid that it has been proven that even a .12 guage woulnt penetrate a bear's skull. Very right they are. There is even a video of a group of Russian (I believe) hunters,and they come across a bear. Bear doesn't like them being there so bear charges them. ? ???? ?? ?????. Etc etc. eventually after some extremely quick trigger pulls from semi auto 12 guages with slug loads coming from about 7 people,they manage to kill a bear. Insane.

  12. On the Glock 9mm, use a Glock 21 with a 10mm conversion barrel, it would be a lot better.

  13. I think if you relying on a 9mm Glock in Alaska you are going to get eaten.

  14. Don't forget to pick up some testosterone

  15. Glock 19 in Alaska??? It works for me in Florida but I’d recommend you get a glock 20 or 40 and get some buffalo bore ammo. I have a glock 20 with a lone wolf barrel and loaded with 240 grain buffalo bore that I use when hunting.

  16. Nice set up. Good video ??

  17. I'd take a Glock 20 over a 19, the 9mm just doesn't have enough stopping power for a big griz.

  18. FloorGuys01, that was exactly what I came to mention. The G19 is awesome for the city, but when you are talking about edc while in the city and the bush, I think G20 should be your better option.

  19. Happened to stumble upon your channel and loving it! We seem to have the same tastes in outdoor gear and style. Definitely subbing!

  20. Great video. I got a new Kimber K6S DCR .357 and I am loving it. I ordered and put the rubber grips on so I can save the rosewood grips.Besides EDC loads I also have hard cast for the woods. I love carrying a revolver again. Guess I am just happy and need to tell someone

  21. Say Heah Matthew, Thanx You, Good reminder on gear, You did good. Yeah, I like my cigars, the aah (ember) can start a fire, I Lso use a Zippo Lighter plus a Butane Tourch Lighter. I re-lite alot, anyhow, on my Zippo Lighter I found out that even when empty, I can still use the Cotton to start a fire with in a emergency. It really works great, unless it dried out too much. Even then that cotton will burn. The defence, Yeah, My Fav. in a knife fight is my 1911 Para Ordnance Expert S. S. .45 a.c.p that I modified and converted into a .460 Rowland, it's a stopper, more push than jump, I can close in on a second shot really fast. Although my friends like to carry their shotguns in Black Bear Country, Yeah, we spotted one in my area, we don't hunt them, nor do I want to kill one. But with cubs around, you know the story, I like going Lite. Infact today, I took out my Battle Horse Attitude which I had modified, It came out Simply TiT's, Beautiful. Infact I wouldn't trade it for a real Ray Mears Woodlore. Mine looks similar to a Woodlore on steroids, I call it my Bushcraft Survival Woodlore on steroids, Dilly Dilly, heh heh heh.,,.p

  22. You sure ride this EDC issue hard.

  23. Really good video Matthew! ~Ashley

  24. wouldnt a 10mm make more sense in ALASKA ? ?

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