1. Some excellent choices. I carry a f701 and a space pen and at work I add a sharpie and a pentel mechanical pencil. Great video 👍

  2. Hows it goin brother liked and subbed I seen your olight videos in the past just ordered a fisher bullet so it brought me back to you

  3. I use the F-301 95% of the time! I did however just order a red aluminum Grafton. Looked too good to pass up and it accepts a wide variety of refills!!! I dont really care for gel pens. Congrats on hitting 500!!!!

  4. Sharpie S-Gel 1.0 and the all metal Pentel EnerGel Alloy RT Gel Pen are my current favourites. (Walmart)

  5. I think i bought you the pack of bronco pens ?

  6. Hey Jack go to the website Sherpa.com they sell all different outer holders for Sharpie markers, and you can even put in popular ball pens,and they even have fountain holders check it out.

  7. Love your content! Just subscribed! Thanks for sharing

  8. Good video on budget pens and pencils. Going to have to look for the PM 701 I think it was the metal Sharpie. Thanks for sharing. Should be at 500 soon.

  9. Got to love Zebras. I wish I could use G2s more, I write wonky with my right hand and smear like a lefty. Also congrats for practically hitting 500 Subs :)!

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