My College EDC – What I Carry With Me Every Day!

The content is a video featuring the everyday carry items of a college student attending New York University (NYU). The video lists the items being used and provides affiliate links to them. Below are bullet points summarizing the key points.

– The video shows the everyday carry items of a college student attending NYU
– The items used are listed and affiliated links are provided
– The items include:
– everyday phone
– Moft wallet
– favorite watch
– daily bag
– carabiner
– Magsafe Charger
– portable cologne
– glue stick-sized lip balm
– wallet
– hand sanitizer
– noise-canceling headphones
– The video’s creator is a junior at NYU Shanghai who is currently studying at NYU in New York
– They are 20 years old and a fan of chicken and Greek yogurt with fruit.

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  1. Great vid, quality and good editing.

  2. Bro iron your shirt what the fuck is that

  3. The manpurse joke. I felt that ?

  4. Love it keep it up man

  5. Great video, I’m a college student who need to hear this

  6. I am loving these educational yet useful videos. As a college student myself these videos are so helpful.

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