1. What are you guys carrying? Drop them below! 👇🏻

  2. Hey man good work, I stumbled on your channel looking up One wheel reviews lol. I'm glad there are small YouTubers out there making high quality content. Keep it up, you'll get up there. I hope to get to 100 subs one day.

  3. Very good video and good and love your camera bag and keep creating and love how smooth you shots are and so cinematic and love where you are filming and such an amazing filming room/studio
    and do you mind checking out my channel http://www.youtube.com/adamandantonio

  4. Well Similar to u.

    I carry

    iPhone 7
    Airpods 2 (went out only once because it's curfew here, but didn't take these)
    My wallet with cards and little cash

    Before quarantine, I would always carry a bag. Most of the time it use to be tank bag which I put on my motorcycle. It's weird but I don't leave without my bag.
    For office, I take my lunch in that, charger, airpods case, power bank(my phone's battery sucks) and bunch of stuffs like id card and some papers

  5. Great video, love the quality/professionalism.
    Your backdrop looks fantastic as well, can see this channel going far!

  6. Incredible video folk's. Impressive video content.

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