My Daily Essential Bag (featuring iPad Mini 6)

The video showcases a collection of items that the content creator carries around daily. Each product has a link to buy it from an online shop.

The products include a Chrome Kadet Sling Bag, Chrome Large Phone Pouch, Nite Ize S-Biner MicroLock, ABUS Granite XPLUS Mini, ABUS Chain Lock, Cocoon GRID-IT Accessory (Small), Sticky Notes, high fidelity ear plugs, Roam Foldable Pocket Blanket, Foam Ear Plugs, reusable shopping bag, inCharge 6-in-one Cables, Pill Organizer, iPad mini 6, DTTO iPad mini 6 Case, XSTO Akeeni Wallet, AirPods Pro, 8BitDo Controller, LePen Pens, Foldable Keyboard, Logitech K380 Keyboard, Logitech MS anywhere 2s (older version), Logitech MS anywhere e (newest version), Sugar-free gum, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, Wet ones Wipes, Vaseline Lip Protectant, Heroclip (small) and Mophie 10k mAh Portable PowerBank.

The video concludes with a disclaimer that some of the links provided are affiliate links, which means that if someone purchases through them, the creator of the video will get a small commission.

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  1. Wow. This EDC. It's. Phenomenal. Sorry to sound dramatic, but really… it's pinnacular!

  2. Found your vid by accident and ended up buying a Kadet. Lol. I had just bought an ALPAKA Bravo Max and I like it but I enjoy the Kadet more. It's not perfect but it just works so much better for me.

  3. We have the same edc bag with the cocoon lol. Contents are wildly different. Cool vid though.

  4. This. This is one one. I like how you think.

  5. I feel like an earplug review is a missed opportunity

  6. I recently got this bag and have been watching video reviews on it to make me feel better about my excellent purchase. I'm so jealous of the yellow/beige colour and chrome buckle of yours! I got the orange/green camo myself and I'm in love with the pop of colour it brings to literally anything I wear. It's surprisingly spacious and very comfortable to use, and I plan on using it mainly to carry around a Steam Deck once I save up enough to get it.

    Your video quality is fantastic and the organizational tips are top tier. So happy I found this vid!

  7. Great review! So nice to watch someone get to the point with little blah blah blah and good editing. Well done!

  8. A very simple and practical EDC.

  9. Excellent video! Well done!

  10. Dude. This was one of the most practical EDCs I’ve seen. Not a knife or tactical flashlight in sight. 😂

  11. Might just go out and buy the bag just because of this review , thanks !

  12. why not carrying a backpack for all these?

  13. That was a bad ass review. You think an ipad 11" would be easy to store in there?

  14. I keep a fold edDrawstring backpack in the u-lock slot.

  15. Love the colour of your Kadet, hadn't seen that version. I've got a straight black one for street camera gear carry, I keep my small accessories organised by using several Topo Designs Micro pouches and carabiner them to the internal metal loop which stops them moving down the main compartment.

  16. Have that bag, different colour, love it, can also get in mini, have had chrome products for the last 10 years and love them,great review….thanks

  17. loved it! at last a woman after my own heart- EDC style, carries a sling, and im an OBGYN. good luck!

  18. Does the Cocoon Grid fit inside the smaller pocket where you kept the iPad Mini?

  19. Purse organization tips??? Great. Another rabbit hole to follow…Have been using a sling bag (Alpaka Bravo X sling) on the daily for a year now, love your video clear concise and witty✌🏻

  20. I finally received the bag and love it! Thank you

  21. How Should I contact you??

  22. The only reason I asked was to share this:

  23. I had to get your bag in that exact color! I finally found it online at some London bike shop. I can’t wait to get it but it will be awhile! Great job!

  24. Oh my god I f*cking love your EDC, as a girl I've seen many EDC videos from other girls and it's always full of makeup, useless stuff or it's pretty minimal (at least for me). Yours is like mine, practical and ready for an emergency. Not many videos like this, new sub!

  25. I went to the movies last night and the audio was WAY too loud I literally regretted not having a pair of High Fidelity ear plugs fr

  26. Hey I’m in Chicago too, where did you get it from? What store

  27. BRB gonna go organize my bag

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