My Daily Essentials in 2023

In a YouTube video titled “A Minimal Everyday Carry with No B.S.”, the host shares what he carries on a daily basis. He emphasizes the importance of only carrying what is necessary and avoiding clutter.

The host’s everyday carry consists of:

iPhone 12 Pro Max
Orbitkey key organizer
AirPods Pro
– Oura Ring 2
– Apple Watch Series 6
– Minimalist wallet
– Pen
– Small flashlight

He notes that all of these items should fit comfortably in your pockets without bulging or weighing you down. The Orbitkey key organizer helps to keep keys organized and organized, while the minimalist wallet keeps things slim and simple.

The host also provides links to discounts on the Spigen website and the Oura Ring, which tracks sleep and activity levels.

Overall, the host stresses the importance of intentional and streamlined everyday carry, without the unnecessary clutter and weight of excessive items.

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  1. scroll up and hit the like button if you noticed a color theme in my 2023 EDC ?

  2. I love Eeveee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Iphone Xr, damn thing won’t die, apple watch, leatherman wave, use it everyday, flashlight, I drop stuff, pepperspray, women are so aggressive these days ?, ridge wallet and a couple of rolaids. I used to carry cash but now I am married ???
    ❤ your dog

  4. I love my Oura ring too! So much comfortable than smart watches/bands. Plus it tackles a more hollistic and wellness approach compared to other smart devices, specifically the Apple watch which is better for activity. Hope you get protection for your ring from OSleeve too, to take care of your investment.

  5. Hey man,your video is awesome.Where did you got this wallpaper in you iPhone?

  6. If you are an American & not carrying a pistol as part of your EDC you are missing out under the most important right enshrined in the constitution, even more important than the right to free speech. Apart from that a Swiss Army knife or any sort of knife or multi-tool should be part of the EDC of any grown man who calls himself a man.

  7. so almost wonderful beautiful video friend Kristers i love it see

  8. My EDC
    iPhone 13
    Leatherman Bond
    The James Brand Ellis Knife
    Garmin Instinct 2
    Keys and wallet

  9. You have an iPad mini on your wrist

  10. More Eevee content please!!! Are there ways in which she helps you to be best at work? Would love to see. Do you incorporate ipad in your everyday life?

  11. Phone (Pixel 7 Pro), Pixel Watch, Wallet, Keys on the daily!
    Occasionally I'll have a shoulder bag with extra items like hand sanitizer, phone charger, etc.
    Great video! ??

  12. Eevee ❤️
    My every day carry – phone and keys. If there is space for more – lipstick, wallet, water

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