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The content is a brief social media post by GHG Hussle about his preferred everyday carry (EDC) weapon, the Glock43x. He has been using it for the past two years and encourages others to connect with him on social media platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok. He also provides his email address for anyone interested in big business opportunities.


– GHG Hussle shares a social media post about his EDC weapon, the Glock43x.
– He has been using this gun for the past two years.
– GHG encourages followers to stay connected with him on Instagram and TikTok.
– He provides his email address for anyone interested in big business opportunities.

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  1. He now has a x macro lmao 10 rounds are enough my ass

  2. Virginia we can pocket carry

  3. What kind of laser you got on it?

  4. Bro if you could only have one gun would it be g17 gen 4 or 43x all black

  5. Had to sub bra , cuh too funny LMAO

  6. Kai Kai like your videos and he eat cheese he eating a pen right now

  7. hitchcok 45 here haha lol

  8. My ninja love the videos never disappoint just going back thru the old vids 💪🏼🥶

  9. I was 16:08 into the video, great content… and like she say, do giveaways Boss

  10. What's the name of that laser?

  11. lmfaoooo hickock45 is jus a different breed 😭 you still got better aim den uss🎯

  12. lowkey the most fun ive had watching someone shoot guns. awesome!

  13. Sucks to be a felon I can’t even buy a firearm legally. I wish I could just go into a store and cop up on something nice. Great video my boy keep doing ya thing.

  14. Have you ever got shot with a BB gun

  15. This dude is funny And he can Shoot ! Great channel ggg

  16. I like how u make it entertaining only thing is u need to aim lower so your more accurate a couple shots went in the hoodie tht technically will be a miss ig more technicals too I fw u tho my boy

  17. Love the ending mi boi lmao

  18. How much for a callable bro? I know this is a business, so I treat it as such.

  19. him: I got this holster off of amaz… 🤭😳


  20. The 43x definitely hit low to the left

  21. yoooo what kind of rds can a 43x take? all i know is 10 15 and 19 that’s it? not including drums

  22. U can let it hang out in open carry city's

  23. How do you get how you get them good 😮

  24. Shoot yah phone with a high powered gun for 400k subs

  25. love your video's keep doing your bro i have glock 17 and AR-15

  26. My shots always go to the left!🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  27. You can Packet Carrie in Texas

  28. What state does he live in

  29. pick youer top five Best guns

  30. Motivation, boi! Preeeeeeessuure…

  31. Is the 43x still your EDC??

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