My EDC | What's In Your Every Day Carry? | Essential Carrying Items For Men – Click here to discover Vincero Collective – Promo Code: RMRS = 15% Off ALL Watches. Thanks Vincero for being a paid sponsor of today’s video. –
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  1. – Click here to discover Vincero Collective – Promo Code: RMRS = 15% Off ALL Watches. Thanks Vincero for being a paid sponsor of today's video. – Click here to read the article – My EDC

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    Video Summary:
    0:28 – $200 – $500 In Cash
    1:23 – Three Credit Cards
    1:39 – Two Forms Of ID
    2:12 – A Watch
    3:35 – iPhone 5C
    4:25 – A Ballpoint Pen
    4:50 – Wet Wipes
    4:57 – Kleenex
    5:28 – Heavy Duty Paper Clip
    6:31 – A Small Satchel – Click HERE To Join our online Facebook Community

  2. @Real Men Real Style I’d be interested to see a video about how to carry a weapon (gun, knife, etc.) and also dress sharp for those of us that aren’t in and out of airports a lot.

  3. This is the first American EDC video I have seen with no knives

  4. lol. I clicked on this video just to see what watch you have and you do this to me..Really? Really? A vincero watch….GTFOH!

  5. I saw there some Polish Zloty. I see, you are the man of culture.

  6. Kings of RMRS

    Three f’s-fit is king ?
    Travelling-cash is king
    Sponsors of RMRS-Vincero is king

  7. Shame I can't show you the miniature tool box for my EDC bag. Look like a man going to fix something with his miniature tool box.

  8. I miss the kinife of the list. Not a big bear killer bayonet but a small 2-3 inches tool. I carry one in most of the times.

  9. Think you’ll find most countries using card now instead of cash. US, Canada and Australia only countries that use card, the rest of the world want cash ? don’t be so stupid ? pretty much every country in the world relies on card now. Guess what, we even have contactless too ?

  10. why do you take out your SIM card

  11. U need a radio mp3 phone charger. Video game excessory.
    First aide.

  12. Lost me at the watch. You know full well you were likely wearing a GMT Master instead.

  13. For RFID protection, I have heard of rapping the passports in aluminum foil because of the RFID chip

  14. Great video! Also: (1) a small Victoronix multi-tool that is TSA-approved, (2) a computer thumb-drive that is password protected for electronic documents, and photos of your passport ID pages and credit cards, (3) a small P-38 military can opener, and (4) granola bars or similar.

  15. Your EDC was perfect but you missed things like a quick snack (protein bar etc.) and a water bottle.

  16. Great edc! One of the best videos with this topic out there! Congrats!

  17. Swap the ladies tissues with a men's handkerchief

  18. Outside of the USA, Canada, Australia everything is done in cash! What are you talking about? In the UK and all of western Europe cards are the number one payment method. Cash is used very little in the UK.

  19. My every day carry. Wallet, phone, keys, knife, lighter headphones and a packet of winnie blues. Any Australian will understand.

  20. Simple Truth: You're right and wrong about the Passports. You need to travel with your Passports while traveling the world. There is no substitute for them. However, once you're at your destination. It's best to secure your Passports and carry the Passports ID's instead. For if by some chance you are victimized, you would have only lost the Id's. You'll still have the original Passports to allow you to get home. The key to traveling smart, is to hope for the best and plan for the worst.

  21. For me, (a mechanic in training) A SOG Trident Elite (pocket knife) and a Gerber Suspension NXT multi-tool, Phone, wallet and earbuds

  22. Well this is the real life everyday dad

  23. Add to your daily carry… lip balm and a small tester of your favorite cologne.

  24. I carry a sling style leather bag now that I no longer wear cargo pants. I keep my (many) keys in the bag so that my pockets are not weighted down or bulging

  25. As soon as you plugged the Vincera watch, I stopped watching your channel and won't ever watch again. They are cheap quality fashion watches and no doubt you got paid to endorse them.

  26. I wear cargo pants when traveling abroad. All the pockets come in handy for passports/cash etc. Nothing in back pockets, and keep my hands free.

  27. I enjoy your channel, but recommending a cheaply made, overpriced, low quality chinese "watch" is a disservice to your subscribers.

  28. My sunglasses! Here in Brazil you really wanna have those 😀

  29. hahaha, What's in my edc? Let's just say that I'd be doing the mother and father of all pocket dumps and would need a 2 x 4 foot surface to set my kit out on. Since I can't do that here, I'll just tell you. I carry the ten c's of survival, with a few redundancies, in a lined mid thigh length cotton duck cargo vest:

    combustion: 25 uco lifeboat matches, 3/8 x 4 ferro rod, djeep lighter, six round paraffin soaked makeup pads that are scored in 1/8 segments for damp conditions; a total of 48 fires.

    container: three 1 qt zip-lock freezer bags, a light weight sling to hold one full bag, and a 1/4 x 3 inch tube of potassium permanganate when I either don't have the time to treat water with a fire or the conditions are too dangerous.

    cordage: 100 ft paracord, 50 feet of 350 cord and a 300 ft spool of nano-cord

    cover: three contractor's bags (behind a panel sewn into the inside back of the vest liner) and an sol emergency blanket

    cutting: a 3/32 x 1 1/4 x 4 1/2 inch trade knife (emergency field use only) and a 9 x 14 reciprocating saw blade in one pocket, a dual grit ceramic puck, 3/8 x 1 1/4 x 4 1200 grit water stone and a polished no-tip 20D spike (micro butcher's steel) for edge maintenance in their own pocket and a guarded 14 oz roofing hatchet head which sits in IT'S own pocket (the handle is carved on site). In a front pocket I carry a Cold Steel Finn Wolf and Cold Steel Large Voyager for more common uses.

    candle: a photon microlite and a 3 x aaa pencil torch

    cloth needle: a small selection of darning needles and a 25 yard spool of 5/2 cotton weaver's thread

    cargo tape: 50 feet of duct tape wrapped around a Safeway club card and a roll of 3/4 inch wide vinyl tape

    compass: sun mini orientating compass

    cotton: two large bandannas

    msc: a 4 x 6 rite in the rain pad, carpenter's pencil and now soon to be half a dozen paper clips

    And that's not even counting the John Wiseman survival tin in my trouser pocket or the Cold Steel Micro Recon clipped to a belt loop or the gear repair kit, Galaxy tab 9, 24 oz stainless water bottle, esbit pocket stove and box of fuel tablets, the two M.R.E. bottles of Tobasco, Doan's mag block, two 4,000 mA charge bricks, power cord, three inch Chinese scissors, a British wick, one oz bottle of oil (1:1 kerosene:10W30), ear buds, four inch mini Marline spike/leather awl, another djeep lighter, tweezers, six energy bars, and a Spiderco triangular ceramic hone in my haversack; which is a Maxpedition jumbo Versipack. Bring it on life, I'm ready.

  30. Always carry the new bills rather than the old one !! It’s much easier to exchange !

  31. I carry an ipad for photo editing watching movies and your channel. Great video! I live in the Philippines and you cant carry knives in the airplanes here. I also love evernote and pay their subscription service. Last thing is i have a small notebook. Business card holder and business cards.

  32. Glock 43
    SpyderCo Endura (plain edge)
    Nixon Wallet with two cards
    Nixon Watch
    No money because I'm poor
    Basic iPhone
    Ray Bans
    G2 Pen
    Gerber Shard on key chain

  33. so this man carry 200 to 500 in cash you say

    guess who about to get robbed when they Audi R8 breaks down in the wrong neighborhood ??

  34. My only gripe is that vincero watches are a quartz movement. Not hating, but just letting u know

    I’m getting 1 btw

  35. I use a man bag from chrome industries and also GeniusPack!

  36. I have a purse. I don't care what people think it's Italian. Lol.

  37. Watches look great! The blue face and brown strap is really appealing. I have two separate EDC’s as well. On the weekends I do carry a pocket knife but during the week I am unable to carry a knife or even a multitool with a blade as I am a NYC Public School teacher in the Bronx, NY. Love the channel.

  38. I definately always carry a pack of gums with me . I like the Vincero Kairo series in Gold with the black dial

  39. Vincero watches are really bad. They just look good but the quality is bad. Please don't endorse products like these. Don't become a sellout like Alpha.m and TMF.

  40. My edc is a watch, a cross, my phone, a wallet, keys, a zippo antique copper, the victorinox waiter, tobacco, filters and papers to roll cigarrets

  41. these fashion watches are killing me bro, get a real timepiece

  42. This video is a joke!!! A paper clip… seriously.

  43. We don’t have that much money!

  44. A Swiss penknife and two condoms. I went off the watches for a while but now I'm in the market for a diver's watch that gives me my pulse rate, cos I'm into swimming as my preferred exercise method. A couple of Viagra pills stuffed in the back of your wallet might be an idea, for those times you meet the hot woman, but you're p##sed out your head, first impressions count. My old SO said I was great in bed when I was sober but sucked when I was drunk.

  45. How about a nice pocket comb?

  46. UPDATE ALERT! Bleep Bleep and Beep.

  47. I would always carry mints or gum!

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