My Every Day Carry 2022

I have to try and restrain myself from making too many Everyday Carry (EDC) videos. I LOVE going over my everyday carry as it’s a constant evolution. My favorite thing is trying out new pieces I find out from all of you, and I’m obsessed with the pursuit of finding the perfect carry. My carry has changed entirely since the last time I did one of these videos (of course it did). This is my Everyday Carry 2022 video for you all. I love this community, and I want to know what you are all carrying daily so – What’s in Your Pockets??? Comment below!

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  1. I’m definitely curious because I know he’s a knife guy plus I know Canada has strict gun laws but I wonder if he concealed Carries a handgun🤔. Let me know Peter If you’re all for 2A

  2. 3:14 overpriced.. Lots more that's cheaper that's actually more bang for your buck.

  3. 5:20 oh wow, the clueless clueless

  4. Something radioactive very near from my balls… Sure!! it sounds like a great idea.

  5. Peter man, i love you but don’t you think it’s time?…to have a new haircut? I like the old rocky slim jeans and tattoo long hair guy. It’s cool but you know…you can be cooler🙂

  6. Interesting watching your three videos back to back on EDC over the past 3 years to see how it's evolved. Your original ethos was all about minimalism and simplicity, in year 2 it was clear gear inflation had occurred and now it's a much more eclectic collection of items. Clearly you have fallen far into the EDC hobby, keep having fun with it 🙂

  7. What kind a bacpack was that? I love it.

  8. Hard to beat an all titanium EDC. I love the CR knife but if only he had a Benchmade Anthem customized with a reground blade that had a spydie hole. Thennnnn that would be an ultimate titanium carry

  9. Dude! Take a look at the FlipSide wallet. Its spring loaded, heavy duty plastic material and is offered in multiple colors. Online only.

  10. titanium, titanium, titanium, titanium…. yeah okay nigga, we get it, you're a city guy who doesn't use that stuff

  11. I love these carry videos. 😄

  12. First video from this channel and it was awesome! Subscribed. Btw what bag is that? It’s absolutely gorgeous

  13. Really interested in the petes bolt action pen!!

  14. I'm biggest titanium fan so.. Yeah ❤️

  15. This was such a cringe video its like watching overweight models in weirdest swimmer trying hard to put up a fake smile., just hard to watch

  16. Your delivery and music choice is the most American Canadian combination that can be found on the internet. Always talkin' aboot Ford trucks, eh?

  17. This all seems false as shit.

  18. scraping something off a surface 🧐❄️😂

  19. Can you give an example of what you use a flashlight everyday for

  20. Show us what's in the bag Peter!

  21. Dear jesus that watch, man thats gorgeous congrats man. Will need to sell a kidney to one day own it as well, lol.

  22. I edc a chest pouch with zip wallet, Oppo phone, keys on a Christian keychain, and my Leatherman squirt. Love to see what everyone else is carrying. Good vid. :-)))

  23. subtle flex of the Shinola Runwell backpack. i have the same exact bag…it’s killer.

  24. Also, Okluma makes the DC0 in Zirc if you wanted a matching flashlight for the pen. Only down side…it’s a $1,700 flashlight. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣

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