My Every Day Carry

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  1. Do not use the apple watches or any others like that.. It damage your body tremendously! = Skin Cancer!

  2. So you're saying Casey gives you anxiety?

  3. If a Breitling Avenger Chronograph Night Mission is your daily wear I would love to see what else you have in your watch box!

  4. interested in trying the Withings Steel HR?

  5. Stopped the video to comment this. Pete you need to sit at the middle cause it really triggers my OCD-ness. Please!

  6. Hey ! Go subscribe to my channel! Be apart of the day ones! Trying to be like Peter and Mr beast and David dobrik, grade a cinematic hilarious heart touching content ! Be apart of the day ones !

  7. But the rings aren’t black. That would drive me insane.

  8. Not a fan of the knife endorsement…

  9. The watch is USD $5,835.00 in case you guys were wondering. Nice watch Peter! i see you have good taste


  11. Now you see me now you don’t! Boom “lay down you bet” follow the EDC were did it go…..

  12. I haven't watched Peter McKinnon in so long that this man looks fresh af with that haircut holay

  13. 2:48 … Why not a Swiss army knife? The one which is made by victorinox

  14. So were just gonna slide pass the disappearing wallet cut? Magic or VFX??????

  15. How to fix the Apple Watch issue: just turn off notifications ???

  16. @PeterMcKinnon
    Okay Peter, Speaking about the backdrop of this video, where are the podcasts???????? Get back on to podcasts also Peter, please.

  17. I carry a spyderco delica 4, it’s a awesome knife

  18. I’ve checked my logal laws and no I can’t carry a knife

  19. 4:30 I thought "That's a nice watch. Maybe I will buy one. Let's check how much it costs"
    * searching Breitling Avenger Night Mission *
    $5,835!!! 😐 Nevermind

  20. Agreed about the iPhone 11 pro max. The battery life is literally insane. Lasts like 2 days for me. But it's one big boi

  21. That wristwatch is like $3,500 US @4:36. 🙂 Just sayin.

  22. smart watches are literally bs

  23. smart watches are literally bs

  24. whats the passwords to your website?! haha dying to get your stuff!!!

  25. Buys the iPhone 11 pro max
    "I wish it was smaller"
    Are you for real??

  26. What's in my pocket:
    Right back pocket: Handkerchief
    Right front pocket: Small wallet, Pilot G2 pen, olight i3t Cu
    Left front pocket: Phone

  27. Very nice do you rock a case on that gorgeous phone ?

  28. I usually have a deck of cards, a Pk ring and a magic thumb with me

    greetings from germany

  29. Peter do a video for your IPhone 11 Pro

  30. Aws Guys good work

    Guys ,,, Subscribe ,, my youtube channel


  31. Jesus, how much does that Breitling costs?

  32. Me thinking the watch looks dope, and then I head over to Google to check the price and realise… okay maybe it's not for me

  33. Canada: you can carry a knife for whatever reason
    Italy: you can carry a knife but you have to have a justified – non offensive 🙂 – reason.

  34. You should check out Secrid wallets. Love them for being so minimalist and secure….and you’re a magician too? ?

  35. Gave you a like for the thumbnail.

  36. What's in my pocket?

    Smartphone (Samsung J7 Prime)
    Wallet and Key
    Job Order Tickets for ticketing my clients if they need an I.T Support

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