My Everyday Carry * Bullet Journal * Planner Perfect * TN * 2020 – #edcvideos

Hello my lovely Creative Peeps! Today we are flipping through my everyday carry. This baby goes everywhere with me! I have my bullet journal system housed …


  1. Was wondering what deck the tarot cards come from?

  2. Hi, what’s the name or link for the 2020 Rose colored planner? TY

  3. Hi where did you get that main book? I love how you have it in your TN for weekly and dailies.

  4. Thanks for sharing. I'm in Central Maine! 😁

  5. I love your setup 🥺 what is the name of that sticker transfer paper you made your sticker book out of? I'm bad at wording things out so I couldn't find it 😂

  6. I always love your flip-throughs! Love the moon sticker, also!

  7. Good idea on selling the sticker books. I'd buy one.

  8. I love your journals and how you customize them to fit your style. Will you be making those sticker books to sell, one day? Love your channel. ^u^

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