My Everyday Carry – EDC – Get Home – Survival Bag

My EDC or Every Day Carry Bag is a Vanquest Mobius,
This is a very well built and tough carry unit.

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My Survival Kit – Emergency – Bug Out Survival…


  1. Nice EDC, do you have a large garage bag in there? Could be used in many ways

  2. blah, blah, blah, blah, blah … get to the point please.

  3. Dude, grab a good pair of EMT Shears.

  4. Since you work in a hosp and cant carry why dont you put pepper spray or taser or a collapsible baton?

  5. Wow Chris this is a oldy but goody

  6. dont eat 20 year old sos food taste juat like vomit

  7. stumbled upon one of your really old videos and found out you're from IN? nice, me too (IN by way of NC, but now MN)
    anyway, interesting to see these older videos 😉

  8. Chris had no idea you used to live in Indiana !!! I've lived in kokomo my whole life ??

  9. I personally carry a small EDC bag myself, but I stay away from the "Military/Tactical" looking bags. They just make me feel like "The Elephant" in the room, walking in with one, covered with Velcro, Molle, and patches. I carry a simple, basic looking Oakley bag. Nice video though!!!

  10. Great setup. Can you do an updated edc bag dump?

  11. Don't you worry about being a target with all the patches on your bag? I'm trying to stick to a non tactical messenger bag so it just looks like i"m carrying my laptop. Urban environments call for a change in gear for sure.

  12. X so what do you do at a hospital do you work in central supply are you in emergency room doc what is it don't you get questions about when you're walking around the hospital why are you carrying that is not the screen tactical when you're working at the hospital don't you want to stay low-key if you're working in somewhere it's supposed to be sterile what did you just leave the bag in the

  13. * One thing you are GREATLY MISSING in your bag is a Small "La Cross, NOAA all Hazards weather radio." Has a hand crank for power or solar power panel, a light, AM/FM/WB Radio. Easy to carry, and can inform you of weather conditions and important news. They are light weight, small and no batteries needed to operate. I take one deep in the woods, set it in the sun, turn it on and can " ROCK AND ROLL" while chopping wood! Check it out… Every grab-and-go bag NEEDS ONE!!!!!

  14. What makes you not want to carry? Didn't know what meant by "not playing that game" statement

  15. so, you do those Walmart videos. You should try the UST food rations they're like apple pie.

  16. Nice setup. If it were me, I'd slip a first aid kit into the CCW section instead of toilet paper and other stuff. But, no big deal. I like what you've done with your bag. One suggestion, yes, in a hospital you have access to some medical and first aid supplies. But, never rely on that being an option 100%. You never know. What if you're outside, and can't get in? That's why a dedicated FAK is important.

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