1. On request of a friend of mine this vlog is about my EDC or every day carry, pretty minimalist but everything I carry I use in one way or the other pretty much every day. This is my daily pocket dump for what I carry during the week, over the weekend it slightly changes. Might do a video later on weekend carry if this one gets enough views and likes. 😂

  2. Your gear is really interesting. I’ve never heard of a tactical wallet before 😳. I’m one of those guys with an uncomfortable thick wallet. If I made an edc video out would be so quick and boring 😆. Either way, great production, you seem like ones of the major YouTubers👍🏻😊

  3. NICE MAN. 5 dislikes? LAME. DO YOUR THING🤜🤛💯✌️

  4. The knife you named is caled Para 3, the knife you have is a Para Militery 2

  5. Great info video, I need EDC, survival kit, thanks for sharing bro

  6. Great job brother !!!! You carry a lot of things for a minimalist 😂 Just kidding !!!! Glad you can carry all that stuff !!!! In the U.S. we have to be careful of the size knife we carry !!! Go figure !!! Thanks for sharing and be well and stay safe

  7. These are really useful and necessary things. Thank you for sharing. Have a nice day my friend.🌟

  8. Tactical Pen FTW. Subbed! Keep it coming man!

  9. I am a simple man, I see a Radies video, I press like!

  10. it´s like a survival kit. You´re always ready whatever happens. Great edit by the way.

  11. That all ok but i am very impressed by your intro editing.. seriously great 👍
    Are you a computer genius?

    CHR nice machine

  12. Big like from me and full watch. 😁👍🏾👍🏾

  13. I've never gotten the Moment stuff, but love them and have tried someone else's before. Those lenses are great. I have a wallet like that, but I really like yours. This was a great video brother. Nice run through. ❤️👍👏 Donovan & Jodi

  14. Cool items to carry around everyday. The torch and pen are quite useful.

  15. Need to get one of those multitools; thinking about it, it would have helped me in a ton of situations. Also, that tactical pen seems super useful; I always carry a pen with me and it'd be a good addition just in case I need to break a window or maybe some self defense!

  16. cool stuff . always be prepared

  17. My phone takes horrible videos, I use cameras only.

  18. I like these everyday carry videos! Just saw peter mckinnon’s one so it’s funny you upload this right after! Glad to watch and keep supporting my fellow small YouTuber 😊

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