My EveryDay Carry( EDC)/Style O.G. Every day Carry

In this video, Jeff from The Style O.G. discusses his everyday. In this video, He talks about the things he carries in his pockets and on his person.

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  1. Time for a Rolex Mr. Rodgers.

  2. Lol this is a chatty personable video. At first thought he had a drink before hand

  3. Phone: one that works, Samsung
    Watch: I have 13 but my fave: Maurice Le Croix, great quality and looks good ($2800)
    Glasses (Nautica), since they are prescription I have to have em.
    Wallet (Steve Madden) $40
    Keys, many for 2 homes
    I jump around for gum or chewable mints.

  4. My EDC:
    Samsung Galaxy S9
    Esker Wallet
    OrbitKey & Car Fob
    Burts Bees
    Chronograph Watch
    Pocket Flashlight
    S&W .38 Special revolver or 9mm semi-auto and a speed loader or spare mag
    Some form of pocket knife i can open with one hand
    Seems like a lot but it's a very minimalistic carry

  5. I like this format alot it's very natural. Nice work

  6. I always have a wallet, phone, flashlight, bandana, little first aid kit and a pocket knife.

  7. Goat… Thanks you for dropping gems

  8. No gum!!! You don't want to look like a cow grazing in the field! Breath mints or breath strips always preferred!

  9. I’m pretty much the same way. I use apple as well. I don’t use a case because I love the look of the phone even though that can be dangerous. Keep doing your thing bro

  10. I agree with everybody on here this format is way better because It feels like you’re giving me one on one life style advice and even inspired me to start a cologne collection.

  11. When do you wear your Fitbit? Is it something that can be worn in formal attire?

  12. The Listerine joints are a life saver. You should do a video on outlet shopping emphasizing holiday weekends, I get stupid digital coupons on my phone, Coach men's 70% off. Clarks, Polo, Brooks Brothers etc… SALUTE!

  13. Wasn't expecting such a minimalist wallet.Nice. Like the format of this video too. Little more "casual Friday". Keep up the awesome work.

  14. Dude, are from the DC area? You sound like it?

  15. Lol we're going to freestyle from this point forward. All 1st verse, all 1st verse. They can copy the format but they can't copy the respect #saluteOG

  16. I don't like it's freestyled. Videos are easier to follow and better paced when they are in clips

  17. I can't leave the house without lip balm (Vaseline), I like having the gum bottles that way u can to offer them to ppl as well. As for watches they're saved for more formal settings I wouldn't wear a watch on a casual day.

  18. One of the thing i do ,is i went i have my jackets tailored i alway have the item(s) i carry in the jacket that way it wont throw the balance off

  19. Wallet, watch, keys, gum, small pocket knife (Victorinox cadet) phone (Samsung galaxy note 8) coins

  20. Very practical EDC. I enjoyed watching the video and getting to know your EDC Style OG.

  21. Man you need to add a weapon to your EDC Bro…

  22. "I tried to box one time, he beat me up…" lollllllll. Bro is doing comedy now. That was funny, man. Love the channel.

  23. That’s tough! All first verse. Loaded lux

  24. You could add a pocket knife…

  25. What’s good! I’m a new subscriber and I appreciate the content. Very resourceful so I’m continue to support. My EDC is wallet, small knife, balm and water. ✊?

  26. Hey, Mr. Style. May I suggest wearing a monocle in your left eye? Very stylish it is. But, you can't keep raising your eyebrow because it will keep falling out.

  27. I like both why not be versatile. Salute og!

  28. I was a apple guy from day one but one day in costco buy one get one free = 2 S7 / after 2 weeks you will not even notice a difference or care

  29. I got to agree with most of the comments I love this format you are the style OG thanks for uploading buddy

  30. You know what I carry a lot, a little plastic atomizer (can find em on Ebay dirt cheap) that I fill with my rotation of colognes. 5ml or 10ml size are both perfect choices. Re-scent yourself whenever your original application has died out during the day. Most colognes do not last more than a few hours in terms of projection so this is a great solution.

  31. Just found your channel searching for clothes steamers. Definitely getting on on Amazon because I hate ironing. Checked out the casual dress. I agree. I got uniforms for home, store runs, hanging out, etc. Then, I came to this EDC. Feel you on the watches. But, something was missing for me. Then, I remembered, from your voice, sound a lil bit NYC. It would make sense that you're missing "that". Harlem born, Bronx raised, moved to St Thomas, USVI in June 2017. First thing I did was get my CCW license. I would like to see how you handle that in terms of style and dress. But, I respect the flow. Subscribed. But, yeah, getting away from Apple doesn't mean you have to go Samsung. I swear by my HTC One M9. "Old" phone now but it's still a beauty and a beast. Plus, it has IR to control TVs and stereos. Obviously useful but great for pranking too LOL. LGs are sexy as hell too. Get the right case to protect that investment. No need for the clunky Otterbox. I swear Incipio case. I've gotten 2 for this one phone. Quite a few accidents. But, screen not even scratched nor is there any damage to the body itself. Case took a beating tho. Perhaps you can do a video on stylish phones and their cases. Maybe you did already. I'll look out for it.

  32. I like the more candid delivery.

  33. What part of the city you from?

  34. Caught the Loaded Lux reference LOL… salute!

  35. Like this unedited format, feels authentic

  36. I enjoyed this format, and really like the other format too. I think a healthy mix of the two will show a genuineness with the face-to-face, and then professionalism and planning with the scripted/edited cuts. Whatever you do, play it however you think is right for you, because that will show. It's like wearing the suit, rather than the suit wearing you; if you're feeling what you're saying, then we'll all be feeling it too. SALUTE!

  37. all first verse. lmao. loaded lux

  38. I love this style of video… Style O.G.

  39. Nice man. Quality is going up and up.

  40. OG. You forgot the pistol and a condom.

  41. New to the channel, for me go switch to Samsung, i dropped my Samsung J7 so many times the only thing that broke is the tempered glass. Plus water is not an issue unless you literally dropped it to the pool for 30 minutes.

  42. They Mercedes key looks good no matter what else you've got going on haha.

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