My Everyday Carry For Photography – 2017

My Everyday Carry For Photography – 2017

Here’s a look at the non-photo specific gear that I keep on me at all times to tackle daily needs and photo shoot needs.

Vanquest PPM-SLIM 2.0 Personal Pocket Maximizer:

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  1. This is awesome bro! Please keep creating these things. Btw what's your multi tool? I also don't find myself needing pliers. I would love to have that small cool multitool. 🙂

  2. Vanquest puts out quality stuff. I have a Trident and 20 backpack set up as a get home bag, and an edc maximizer huge pouch. They can take abuse and are never the worse for wear.

  3. My every day carry consists of: a wallet, keys, and a phone.

  4. Hey Morgan, thanks for making this video. Like you, I also shoot real estate (I'm based in Fort Lauderdale, FL) and recently have been wondering for a way to carry my non-photo gear essentials on me during shoots. This helps alot! Thanks.

  5. Great video Morgan and great to see you back. Nice to see someone else has an everyday carry that is actually used also. I am going to get one of those bags because i like that orange interior. Seems like you can see stuff inside it better than the standard black ones.

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