My Everyday Carry Gear — What's In My Bag?

Looking for new EDC gear? Make sure you check out my EDC bag video and click on the links posted below!

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NutSac Satchel Pro Bag ►

Exotac nanoSTRIKER Ferrocerium Rod ►
Rite in the…


42 thoughts on “My Everyday Carry Gear — What's In My Bag?”

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  2. Hola. Muy lindo el video, la verdad muy completo. Lastima que no hablo ingles para escuchar tus explicaciones y sugerencias. Me pasa con muchos canales de habla inglesa, como puedo hacer para traducirlos o ver los subtítulos en castellano. Saludos desde Mendoza, Argentina!!!

  3. Do you have to carry a secondary bag for work? Or do you just have a larger version? Do you keep that fully stocked the same way or just transfer your edc over the night before?

  4. Very nice slimmed down version, especially compared to your last one in the LAPG 72-hour bag. Are you finding just as much functionality with this set-up?

    One thing you mentioned in that one was the ability to actually carry stuff in your backpack for EDC. Has this been a downside with this bag?

  5. Very nice tailored made EDC…you gave me some ideas for my own EDC..thanks ? ? ?
    I have Powdered Electrolyte&Vitamin C drink in my edc…cause drinking only water, is boring.
    0:59 I've got to look into the Rechargeable Headlamp …I use the 3 AAA battery one…but want to upgrade
    1:22 LOL "dang it" ?
    1:56 Nice (Housewifekit) repair kit, I like that ? ? does it have a section for Thread? I don't see one.
    3:11 I have the exact same booboo kit…cool
    don't see a multitool?? I use the serrated blade for a belt cutter, pliers and screwdriver with inchangeable heads, are very useful and the diamond knife sharpener is great (its the leatherman Wave, but looking into getting a lighter one).


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