My Everyday Carry Tech + Backpack Tour!

My EDC tech and what’s in my backpack tour, featuring some of my favourite new pieces of tech and daily essentials. Please leave a like, comment and subscribe if you enjoyed the video.

Thanks to Tausif Hussain for all his help shooting this…


  1. My everyday carry

    Samsung Galaxy s7
    IPhone 6s
    Samsung Galaxy buds
    Predator helious 300
    Predator rolltop backpack
    One no name black pencil
    No name minimalist notebook

  2. I have the eBag professional backpack and I love it. Also have the Apple gen 4 watch, pretty awesome. Cool shoes. thanks 4 sharing?

  3. my EDC is a Chrombook acer r 13 a iphone 6 chineese tablat and pulsar headphones

  4. What pen brands do you use?

  5. My EDC

    yeezy 350 zebra
    Supreme ss18 bag
    Microsoft surface book 2
    iPhone 8 Plus and Samsung s9+
    Supreme key chain ss18 (cheap)
    Microfibre cloth
    2 terabyte hard drive
    Random cables for charging etc

    Forgot: the Microsoft noise canceled headphones

  6. Why'd you switch back to the 2016 MBP?

  7. Rich student not for me ?

  8. My EDC
    -IPhone 7
    -Surface go
    -VI wireless earbuds
    -Nintendo Switch
    -G-RO 10,000 mph battery bank
    -Jcrew wallet
    -Underarmour water bottle
    -Fivestar notebook
    -Duracell Lighting cable
    -Surface charger
    -Frixon clicker
    -Frixon ball clicker

  9. OnePlus 6t
    Dell XPS 15 (idk which version of it)
    Oneplus sandstone case I really love that
    Adidas Ultraboost in white or sam wilsons also in white
    A Bagsmart bagpack in gray
    Donbolso leather wallet
    Hopefully coming soon:
    Fisher space pen
    Asus 15" portable USB-C monitor

  10. Arent these adidas Pharrell Williams sneakers pretty expensive? I've seen everything from 400-5.000€?

  11. Everyday carry

    Messenger bag
    Any new balance shoes
    iPhone 6s
    No pencil case
    15 inch hp laptop
    Ya ??

  12. EDC:
    – 2015 13" Macbook Pro
    – iPhone XS Max
    – Airpods
    – Bose QC 35II
    – Leather backpack from Pull & Bear
    – Leather wallet from Guy Laroche

  13. I have a Gucci backpack,iPhone xs max , and my Yeezy blue tins

  14. Laptop: MSI GP62M Leopard Pro
    Phone: iPhone 7 Plus
    Earbuds: Sony MD750 Wireless
    Portable Charger: Pineng PN-951
    Backpack: Champion
    Sneakers: Fila

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  16. North face access pack
    Oppo find x (Lamborghini edition)
    iPad Pro 2018 12.9 (Apple Pencil 2 and Smart Keyboard folio)
    AirPods ofc
    Oakley Holbrooks
    Jbl clip 3

    I’m 13 and my parents paid for none of it

  17. Please make a review of the toatronics bh060 headphones!

  18. Did it I have yeezy off of StockX

  19. -asus fx504
    -galaxy note 8
    -sony w1-c400
    -hp Montego Backpack
    -navneet diary

  20. My edc is:
    Oneplus 6
    Ticwatch E (SmartWatch)
    Anker Wireless Earbuds

  21. Every day carry
    -books needed for my class (college)
    -iphone charger
    -portable charger
    -bose qc35
    -beats x
    -sony wf-sp700n
    -surface pro 2017
    -ti 84 calculator
    -stylus pen plus pen and pencils
    -g fuel
    That’s pretty much it

  22. HP spectre , iPhone X's max 256gb , with extra battery case a bag pack from nike and the Nika adapt bb

  23. Just a normal bag pack with a water bottle and some books….a bunch of normal pens…a normal mobile phone… and a dell vostro 2520…thats it for me?

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  25. My edc
    Random Swiss mobility bag, switched over from amazing but small Swiss army bag
    Ray ban glasses
    Yeezy 350 Sesames
    IPhone 6
    Apple leather case
    Have Mac but it is a new mini
    So planning on getting a 6th gen, Pro 10.5” or wait for 7th gen
    Gshock ga100-1a4 something

  26. Pretty boss bags. I like them more than Sf Bags now.

  27. Hi this is an old video I noticed but I just had to recommend a wallet for you! You honestly got way too much swag to be carrying that haha (no hate tho). Try something from Andar wallets. They've got amazing leather quality at a fair price. They've been on my radar for a long time since I've been interested in Bellory wallets, but those just seem way too expensive for me at this time in life. I hesitated for a while until I won a $15 giveaway from them! I scooped myself an olive grey "Leo" wallet since that was only $15 so I only had to pay shipping to Canada. I'm not getting paid to do this but their craftsmanship is amazing, so I'd like people to know. I might get myself the "Monarch" sometime in the future. Anyway as a fellow uni student in Canada, love your videos dude!

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