My Everyday Carry Traveler’s Notebooks (EDC TNs)

Join me as I chat about the traveler’s notebooks I use as my everyday carry (EDC). Thank you so much for watching❤️

************UPDATE NOVEMBER 2019***********
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21 thoughts on “My Everyday Carry Traveler’s Notebooks (EDC TNs)”

  1. Sarah I love your videos. You are such good vlogger ❤️! Since you love the Maverick leather I would like to ask you a question. I want to buy a Pocket Maverick, but I haven’t decided between the Classic and the Deluxe. I’m afraid the pockets in the Deluxe would add to much bulk to the notebook. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks! ?

  2. I've been coveting a maverick weeks cover for a while now. I love the lighting strikes but I'm just not sure if the thickness is for me! Ive had 2 pemberley tn covers and have loved them dearly!

    My edc (one only) is a b6 pemberley in fern. I used to carry an A5 and it was just too heavy

  3. I carry a personal Filofax Malden as a wallet/on the go planner, but have been intrigued with the TN. Wondering if I should try it, thinking of the pocket size you shared❤️

  4. Love the video! I’m definitely trying that setup for my Weeks next year. And I love the wallet setup. It’s so nice to have wallet peace. I carry a nano for my “extra” wallet, or all of the cards I don’t use often, and have a wallet I carry in my pocket for the normal high usage cards. I hope the nano works for a slimmer wallet. Mine has to fit in my pocket or I’ll never remember it. I don’t carry a bag or purse everywhere.
    I just started carrying a pocket with a journal insert and a notes insert. I am trying to journal more often and I also want a place to make book and video notes. I can never find them when I need them and never look at them if they are digital. I also love the quiver and pocket for the little ones. Such a special treat to share your passion! And a multipen is the coolest. I loved them when I was younger and still do.
    Thanks for the update! Awesome setup.

  5. Tfs!
    The life inserted link doesn't work (for me.) I googled and found her etsy shop. Maybe you could add that link?
    Again tfs, I love your videos, TN and hobonichi ftw!

  6. I cut my string off my CS hummingbird cover and suddenly I love it. I didn’t like that TN cover when I first got it then thought what would happen if I cut the string and kept the wrap string to keep it close and works well for me. Funny how little changes make us happy and like how it feels. ?

  7. Loved your video :-). Right now I'm carrying an A5 cousin AVEC. Next year it will be the full year. It's in a SOJOURNER folio. I also have two inserts I made out of tomoe river paper (personal size) One of them is for documenting my day and another one is a gluebook insert. My biggest and heaviest will be my cousin. So taking them all with me in my purse isn't bad. I'm probably going to put a small travel bag together that has some watercolor and other things to take also.

  8. Since the end of summer I’ve been carrying my weeks in a Gillio Appunto in addition to a regular wallet. Over the past few years I’ve downsized what I carry everyday. Even though it is a tote bag, I don’t fill it but like having the extra space ‘just in case.’ At the start of the new year, I plan to add an A6 techo to my lineup and may carry that around sometimes in addition to the weeks. I haven’t been carrying much for my kids in awhile since they are 11 and 12. Love your mavericks?

  9. I, too, have been trying to figure ot how to include the clear plastic COC, but it never occurred to me to put the elastic between the COC and the spine of the Weeks! What a great idea. I may try putting both strings through that way because I don't intend to add any more inserts, unless I end up needing the thin Almost Day notepads I got in case it turns out I should have bought a Mega!

  10. Hi Sarah, Thank you for sharing your TN and setup. I love your 'to the point' discussions and ideas. I've been on the fence about the Maverick and love the strikes on the smaller one. I have a CS Creme Wide for about a year now but its too much for an EDC. Thank you for the inspiration X

  11. Beautiful tns. I tried making my personal classic Maverick my EDC, but my goodness it was too heavy. So now I have a cute nano for my wallet with a 12 card insert, and a classic MD Burgundy pocket for on the go lists, an insert for notes or bored journaling, and an insert with info I may need, i.e. store hours, book series info, ingredients I may need, sizes, etc. I would like to carry my Weeks, but I put too much personal info to comfortably carry around. I still hope you will do a lettering video. Ok, take care!

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