My Everyday Carry Update (November 2019)

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  1. woah cool!
    I also carry an older Vox. the CRKT Amicus. i do love it

  2. How do you carry all that stuff?

  3. Will there be a restock of the Titanium Magnetic Quick Release Bronze Topo? I would like to buy one please.

  4. Is there a cheaper alternative to the Pockit Pro? I'd love something similar, but can't justify paying $50.

  5. "Almost an 8" wrist" weird flex but ok lol

  6. I edc a bowl for soup. Gazpacho has been around since Roman times, at least in its basic form: a cold soup of leftover bread, water, vinegar, garlic and olive oil. Enriched later with New World tomatoes and peppers, it was pounded with massive pestles in a communal bowl to sustain laborers in the fields. Happily, gazpachos have gotten smoother since (gracias, el blender!), though the trick that imparts its velvety texture—soaking the bread in the liquid first—remains fundamental.

  7. Lol, i wasnt listening and just saw the knife and was like. Wtf he carries a whole ass knife with him?

  8. So what you're saying is 2mm is just too much? 😉

  9. I couldnt get use to the key bar. Hated looking for my keys.

  10. For your sony cameras, you can update the firmware to remove the 30min recording limit, there's alot of tutorials of how to go about it on youtube. Hope it helps!

  11. My brother. I love your videos. But you talk to much. Your video are two long. I have it set to 1.5x speed i don't have 20min more to watch your videos

  12. an EDC without a G-shock? mmmmm

  13. Uses 10 words to talk about having zero words

  14. I lost an Olight S1R II Baton ($60.00 light) because the magnet stuck to my keys, then fell off somewhere. I now carry an S2R Baton II. Due to its larger size and pocket clip design I don’t have a problem. I won’t buy another one S1R☝️ unless I can find another way to carry it.

  15. when and why did you stop carrying a utility blade tool?

  16. Apple should start making their smart watch in a different version for outdoorsy type of people. They would sell so many of them if they came in a super tough case like some other watches. The only bummer about it is every time they come out with a new version you feel like your watch is out dated after a couple years. It might be more reasonable to just get a super tough case for it so you can switch out the old watch for the new one if you buy it.

  17. Sorry but handkerchiefs for snot or puke? It’s not the 1800s anymore. I use mine for other stuff like quick cleaning a window or mirror or my phone so the one you got is SICK! I will buy one.

  18. Never decorate your walls with Satan’s balls.

  19. Love your taste in EDC, everything is Sharpe

  20. I’m new to this channel, I’m a younger man 31, and have went thru all phases of EDC carry…knife in pocket. Pen or flashlight in other pocket. Wallet. Watch. Phone also has a flashlight so even a flashlight gets left behind sometimes. I don’t carry a gun unless I’m traveling or going to a big box store. Your mind is the sharpest weapon you can have. Don’t put yourself into unrecoverable situations. That’s it. The rest is flair. No belt mounted gear bags, no belt clips, no multi tool holder. All that stuff is just more reasons to lose things, get them caught on doors, etc. I had to make an associate at work take his edc organizer off his belt because he almost had his leg ripped off because of it. In a moment of anger I said to him “what kind of man carries that much shit around all god damned day that isn’t an electrician or service tech? Go get yourself a fuckin purse if you want to carry around that much crap…”. I get what he was doing, but I also don’t get it. How much crap do you need? In my humble opinion, the best EDC organizer is a pair of jeans. Have your kit close by, in your work area, your car or maybe a backpack if allowed. It looks ridiculous when you stand next to someone who has more gear hanging than a navy seal.

  21. Great Video! Subscribed! I think I know what you can put on that wall back there…. one of our flags. I make wooden EDC trays. Looking for new variations to produce. Maybe you can give me some feedback and/or recommendations on what people would like to see. Find us on FB or IG!

  22. Lumtek is so nice but pricey. Nice stuff though

  23. I've been making a few minimal EDC wallets recently – some of these designs gave me a few ideas to try out! Thanks 😀

  24. You just need a few pre setup edc one for everyday of the week

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