My Everyday Carry | Winter 2020 – #edcvideos

Here is a quick video answering all the questions of what my current EDC setup is. I go through all my electronics I carry to my self defense setup. If you have any …


  1. Could having a red dot, milled slide and modified trigger go against you in court?

  2. I thought you could not carry a blade over 3" in LA County? Is there something I missed because it looks like you a blade over 3 inches that you are carrying.

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  4. Are you concerned at all about carrying a modified gun? I've heard some people will only CCW with a factory stock gun in case they need to use it in self defense, they don't want the narrative of the story to work against them, insofar as the judge or jury or whoever might think a gun that's been modified is more deadly or efficient, therefore your intent in the incident may not have been in defense but more in offense…Perhaps you can shed some light on that topic, if there is a case that set any legal precedent for that, or if it's just an urban legend.

  5. Nice gear! I'm selling a Tier One Concealed holster that would fit your gun if interested?

  6. Great to see your EDC buddy, thanks for sharing. I love my Trayvax OG2.

    You may be interested in checking us out on all social media platforms as well as here and our website. No worries if not.

  7. You should look at the Survival Belt by SlideBelts. I use it and I bet my wife could contact someone for a discount. It's a little stiffer than most belts but it's some cool features and seats my holsters sturdily.

  8. Check out the Artisan Cutlery Tomahawk.

  9. Nice edc…but what's your load out bro? About 4lbs? I'm in Cali too and I quickly found out that with my Glock 19 extra mags, knife, phone, recharger, wallet +edc necessities (wallet, keys, gum, flashlight, etc..) I was either carrying a lot of shit or too heavy of edc gear….so I pared down to my Glock 26 +a mag, lighter smaller Spyderco Knife, and less edc shit and lighter wallet + but a beefier leather belt…it seems to be doing the trick of lightening things up…but to each his own.

  10. Armed scholar sell your guns and carry a baseball bat ok

  11. Wish CCWs were issued to every law abiding citizen here, got denied in Cali.

  12. I like the concept of the minimalist wallet but carry stuff that isn't a perfect size to work out.

  13. How much time per day or per week would you say you end up carrying? Do you wish you could carry more? Interested to know as a future attorney.

  14. Are you located in Southern California? I have a potential civil case with matters of a firearm.

  15. Brownells slide looks good

  16. Awesome, I too have the travax contour, kore belt. Those are great, keep up the good work on your channel

  17. Also Jesus is the best protection when all earthly protection fails you. Life after death is closer than we all think

  18. Get a T-Rex side car. They make an appendix carry for a g19 with light and red dot.

  19. what brand ammo are u carrying?

  20. My only EDC worth mentioning, would be my G30 with two spare mags.

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