My Everydaycarry – Version 3.0 #EDC plus my new camera – #edcvideos

In this video I show you my current EDC and everything that I carry in my pockets. Furthermore, I show you my new camera that I will test for the next few weeks.
#edc #pocketdump #bmpcc4k

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  1. Great video but I cannot tell the difference. With the lockdown I noticed I carried a lot of gear I didn’t really use every day. I got tired of smart watch and went to an generic watch

  2. Some people post things, but look new. These EDC items look like they were actually used. Very awesome!

  3. Please to anyone reading this…… I don't want to embarrass Bo, I know he is a humble guy, but if anyone deserves to hit 100,000 Subs he does. Been watching this channel for a few years now, and he has helped me making informed decisions on items, which without his help I may have wasted a lot of money.
    Hit Subscribe, whether its your first time here, or you pop back now and again. We need good channels like this on Youtube and he puts alot of time and effort into it.
    I apologise for the lecture, lol.

  4. Where is your Prometheus beta flash light ? To demonstrate video quality maybe not do color grade.

  5. I know exactly what you mean about bluetooth headsets and headphones. I won't wear them. I notice that feeling as well. I just stick to my wired IEM's. It's impossible to match their quality of sound. Great video as always! When you switched to the Black Magic the white balance almost went off the charts from the warmth of the Sony, but the clarity is amazing.

  6. I use a little Swiss multitool attached to my Keys. Extremely useful because I find myself using it very often. Also using Orbitkey and Secrid… I am a Bo follower, what can I say…;)

  7. Great video! Given the current pandemic and money being tight, do you know of any online communities where you can buy and sell gently used bags? Any info is greatly appreciated.

  8. i think hand sanitizer is going to ber your EDC

  9. The colours looked cooler with the new camera. The previous one seemed to have a warmer colour range.

    As for my pockets, I used to carry my car key fob with me, but don't do that now. And of course, I now carry a mask with me.

  10. Since Corona Time I started using my bike much more, especially for commuting to work. Therefore I had to adapt my EDC for less weight (ditch the large wallet for a small card holder) and also I made it kind of modular (small pouch for short rides to bigger backpack if I need to take another set of clothes). I also became fond of the Big Idea Design pocket tools, which might be useful with the bike. So since the lockdown l actually changed my EDC a lot.

  11. Color looks much better with the black magic. Not sure if you did that on purpose

  12. The image is for sure very crispy compared to your Sony. The way you post process looks great on either. Great video! If you're looking for pen recommendations, I love my big idea designs pen for comfort in longer writing sessions. Stay safe bro

  13. “Night Eyes”, I think. Thanks for another great video Bo!

  14. I think its Nite Ize (Ni-ti-ez).

  15. I see a broader range of colors in your skin tone even after your grading.

  16. Black magic is way better. Softer.

  17. Bring a spare lighter for your wife. You adorably awesome man, you.

  18. That black magic camera is very cool. Since Covid-19 my pockets have become much lighter, I now only carry my James Brand Elko knife, a couple dog treats and my phone. I have to carry more if I'm going out somewhere but now that stuff lives in a sling. I think light or empty pocket is the future.

  19. The new image quality looks awesome. Very noticeable.

  20. That cashless life has certainly become very familiar during covid-19 and lockdown in Belgium. Very few places still accept cash, so I stopped carrying notes. But small change is nice to tip local business that I want to support.

  21. My Space Pen doesnt close anymore 😀 (got the same as you :D)

  22. Kudos to the marketing team at Black Magic for the ironically named PocketCinema, looks like you could do pro/am videography with it. Both my day and night jobs were essential so I didnt get to be home. My edc is, both an Vic Explorer and Hiker, a lighter(in case I have to make an emergency fire), Nite-Core MC 10T flashlight, a Ferro rod, and a LTWK Bushbaby fixed blade. A good way to get the tape glue off your blade is, 3-in-1 Oil or WD-40, or a liquid cleaning product with citrus oil(Orange or lemon), and wipe with a rag. For a small fee, you can send your Vic in to the closest repair facility and they'll replace your chipped scale, with a new set. Your Vic is warranted for life. Be careful with the Nite-Ize carabiner, i have the silver version, and sometimes the rubber lock works itself loose and the gate might pop open. Thanks for sharing, Bo.

  23. Black Magic Camera I would have said Hell Yeah too. 😆
    I use a small Niteize S carabiner for my keys, and yes I get residue on my knife blades luckily I have a few can of WD40 at home so a quick dab and wipe its gone.
    LOL I got two box cutters in my desk drawer and I never use them its always my Victorinox or my Leatherman multitool
    The only change to my EDC is now I carry and use face masks.

  24. Oh you Germans with your no silent letters are adorable, you guys pronounce literally everything… the carabiner company is pronounced "Night Eyes"😁

  25. That's weird that you get motion sickness from most true wireless earbuds. Maybe its because the sound is slightly desynched between them and your brain doesn't like that? It's not the Bluetooth itself. Wifi would incapacitate you then. I dunno. Go see an audiologist or ENT I guess.

    Oh also, I don't know if you've seen it, but OpposeThis released a new hybrid EDC/Travel bag called the Ark and I haven't seen any first looks/overviews, if you get a chance to look at it I would really appreciate it!

  26. instantly like n comment for Bo!!

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