My Favorite EDC Pry Bars (Milspin, CRKT, Gerber, Tactical and Portable) – #edcvideos

EDC Pry Bars:
Taking a look at some of my favorite EDC prybars and prybar multi-tools.
I have the Lunamax Mighty Key, Gerber Shard, CRKT Pryma, Milspin EDC pry bar, Tactical and Portable T-Breaker, and the KeyBar Flathead screwdriver and pry tool insert! Links are below if you want to check them out for yourself!
**Lunamax Mighty Key:

**Gerber Shard:

**CRKT Pryma:

**Milspin EDC Pry Bar:

**Tactical and Portable Ti-Breaker:

**Keybar Flathead screwdriver and pry tool:

**KeyBar Slayer Titanium:

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  1. Pry bars are hilarious to me. It's like knife scale makers had all these extra little bits of titanium lying around and tried to come up with a way to make EDC geeks pay $50 for their scraps.

    No One:
    Tacticool Brand: "$100 piece of metal"
    Tacticool EDC Nerd: "I'll take 2".

  2. I was just looking into pry bars a few days ago, specifically the Ti-Breaker. I am definitely leaning towards it.

  3. t&p, you can throw the rest in the trash where they belong lol.

  4. I use my dango multi tool for every day purposes, gonna be weird when I have to take it all the way out and throw it in my suitcase while I'm flying

  5. So I have (had) the gerber shard, and I went to the airport with it on my keychain, TSA didn’t like it. Needless to say I no longer have a gerber shard lol.

  6. I really like the Gerber Shard but I already carry a multi-tool with me and it has both a box opener and a bottle opener, which are not that common around here anyway, so while I like it I'd have no use for it if I ever got one.

  7. Awesome video. That Milspin Pry Bar is freakin rad. Will most likely be picking one of those up. Thanks! 👍

  8. I thought you had a trayvax keydex…anyway, I have the klecker Griffin pocket tool on my keysmart rugged and it doesn't get a lot of use because the caplifter on my pioneer X or one hand trekker is more than up to the challenge of small prying.

  9. I started with the shard then saved up and grabbed a LynchNW AAP. Pocket clip for convenience and it works like a charm. Yeah it’s expensive but I view it as useful art.

  10. Also I’ve stopped carrying pry bar tools bc they take them every time you enter a government building and they do not return them.

    I’ve found that my wallet ninja works great for almost everything these tools do and bc it’s in my wallet I’ve flown with it many times over the years and the only time it was an issue was 10 years ago in the Baltimore airport. 2 TSA argued over whether it was or wasn’t and then let it go.

    So idk if it’s getting through and shouldn’t or if they just don’t care but I think being a veteran I should be allowed that special privilege anyway.

    Edit: I forgot to mention that until this year after watching these videos I’ve used a magic clip wallet or whatever it’s called, the metal as seen in tv one. Which served me well but I needed a change.

    It helped disguise my wallet ninja going through security I think. Idk if my ridge wallet will do so but I’m sure I’ll find out next time I fly if It does or doesn’t and if wallet ninjas are allowed or not.

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