My Most Used Everyday Carry Gear | EDC Update Summer 2022


  1. I really like the power pint

  2. The rustic heirloom wallet is exactly what I have been looking for. I’m a chain wallet guy and this fits the bill. I wish it was in stock.

  3. Dude I lost your channel for a while, it's good to see you lost some weight, you look good man, respectfully.

  4. I already have the tough clip – what size oring could I put to duplicate this?

  5. I'm an Indonesian🇮🇩🇮🇩who really likes the videos you make and I'm happy to see you

  6. Glad I watched this, if nothing else for the sog multi tool.

    Side note though the flash lights you carry, they should put a double sided clip on them. So they could clip to your hat as well. Especially for the cost.

  7. Liked the flashlight and knife comparison. All gear should be good gear. Good man taylor

  8. I know this is an older video but just wanted to drop by and say this video made me FINALLY try Nylon on one of my Hinderer's. Chose to try it on the NF Eklipse and I absolutely love it now that it's broken in. Makes me want a NF 3.5!

  9. Honestly, the little o-ring on the key holder says "bad design" to me. If you have to add an o-ring to keep things from falling off, then the clip is ineffectual in and of itself. Just my opinion. It would be much cleaner without it. But then of course, things could fall off.

  10. @bestdamnedc any patina update bro?

  11. Best Damn BEDC (Bougie), getting hard to watch these days.

  12. Did he make bronze oklumas? I need to find one

  13. Why do you edc a pen to the gym, especially a $300 pen? I mean I would understand if it was the true utility pen that goes on your car keys.

  14. Know of any options similar to the key smart mini in real leather? Love the design but plastic isn’t my jam 🤣

  15. Does anyone carry a bandana in their back pocket for their EDC?. I use one everyday to wipe and clean . I don't leave home without it. Takes up ZERO space and very useful .

  16. 3:59 yes! that is in fact situational irony! you would expect what you carry the most to be there with you, yet your expectations are subverted, therefore irony is in place.

  17. Love the shirt! Verb coffee and Groundwork Common is where it's at.

  18. Am i the only one who thinks that all knives are good but they all look basic. There are no siluates that you will recognize among hundreds.

  19. Rovyvon Aurora A8 best flashlight

  20. Man, i love your videos. The room set up, the quality, the subjects, and of course You 😉 .

    Love from Saudi

  21. When’s the wallet release Taylor? And any update on a patina update? Thinking a about getting one

  22. It’s been a while since i watch this channel, you have lost a lot of weight! You look great! Congratulations!

  23. I neeeeeeed it. Lol that wallet is so nice. I tried to go to the cite and it says I need a password. Will it just be open next month or do we need to aquire the password?

  24. im with ya on the flashlights bro! I feel that in the majority of my struggles in life, a little bit of light, goes a LONG way…same can be said for a knife, but i've never met anyone scared of a pocket light! lmao

  25. I’d like to see EDCs that include automatic knives. If you can carry automatic, I don’t understand passing up the opportunity. I think OTF knives are the safest knives possible because you never have to touch the blade. I have carried a BM Pagan for many years. If you don’t think automatic knives are the coolest you are lying to yourself.

  26. Just got the Damascus TI big idea designs mini click.. $775.. lmk if you want to review mine, I have #19 and expect delivery on the 26th and I can ship it out for you to review.

  27. Loving your EDC setup, and I love the community of people too. I've made my own EDC video, and would love if anyone would be able to give insight on what I could improve ✨

    Thank you for all of your time! Have a good week ahead everyone! 😊😊😊

  28. “You can never have too many knives.”
    -Logen Ninefingers

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