My Ninja EDC – What's on a Ninja ? Every Day Carry Gear – #edcvideos

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  1. No kunai? Do you even ninja bro?? Hahaha

  2. That was fantastic… is that a vintage Jaguar Butterfly knife…Classic.. My Best Bro

  3. I ain't messn around with the chucks! My nuts would get destroyed😂

  4. Funniest shit I've seen today. Thanks!

  5. Medieval stuff as love it….LOL…Nice job sir….Good stuff….

  6. Mom is going to have your butt for chopping up her plants with your sword. Great EDC, DeeMan, especially in these times. Stay safe

  7. Lol good stuff dude your manipulation of the Bailsong was very cool

  8. 👍 Had me dying when you tried rolling on the ground .Weeds had it coming to classic ninja gear. Thanks for sharing

  9. The whine was strong with this one

  10. Lol yo sweet vid and gear dog you do have some skills with doze chucks. 😂👍👈💪

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