1. Are you carrying anything new or interesting during these tough times? Please let me know! 🤓😷

  2. Gloves should only be used to prevent cross-contamination. They must be changed between tasks. Wearing a pair for hours will only increase the spread of infection. Once you take them off you must wash your hands or use hand sanitizer because ALL gloves and have micro-tears where pathogens can move through (this is why surgeons scrub their hands and arms with disinfectant prior to putting on their sterile gloves). So either way hand sanitizer should be part of your EDC.

  3. Great tips for a crazy time. My travel bottles for campground showers and trips have turned into an everyday carry item. I now have one with sanitizer and keep with me when I go anywhere. For work, it's attached to me at all times for easy cleaning after using the elevator, printer, touching doors, etc.

  4. For my iPhone and AirPods, I got cases with antimicrobial properties. Speck uses MicroBan on some of their iPhone and AirPods cases. You can also find an antimicrobial screen protector from Invisible Shield/ZAGG. Keep in mind that these products haven’t been tested against COVID-19. And another important tip: having antimicrobial technology on your high touch surfaces (including your phone) does not mean you can relax your personal hygiene. You still need to wash your hands and disinfect surfaces.

  5. so the hook puts virus in his back pocket?

  6. Don't drink the c19 koolaid, get the true statistics. This level of medical fear is not needed by a young guy like you.

  7. Hi, thanks for the tips. Are the no-contact hooks allowed aboard planes? They’d be great with toilet door latches. If not, I guess gloves would be the best alternative.

  8. Thumbs up and I will buy the locks, thanks for the tips!

  9. Thanks for sharing this info. I just purchased two virus hooks from your link. My husband and I are fortunate enough, well, to still be employed, and also able to work from home. We are actively avoiding public spaces except for exercise. Still looks like this is going to be with us for a while, so having a plan is a good idea. Ministry of Supply has one-use filters that have a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency of about 95%. N95 masks are 99%. They are pricey, but then again, so is a hospital stay. I hope you, Fiona, and the people you love are staying safe and healthy. What an "interesting" time.

  10. If you wear gloves don’t drop them on the ground outside of Walmart and drive off. Throw them in the trash can they are all over the parking lot! Some poor guy making less then minimum wage has to potentially expose himself cleaning up after people.

  11. It's generally known that the bacteria on a phone is usually more than that of a bathroom so bluetooth earphones are definitely useful!

  12. Using a different mic, Ernest?

  13. Long hair , new normal 💪🏾

  14. Wonderful advice. Thank you much.

  15. How about your AirPods case-case. Where can I find that? Great video!

  16. Great tips, stay safe man!

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