My Pocket Knife Collection! ??? | EDC (Everyday Carry), Tactical, Outdoor, Folding Pocket Knives

By popular demand…

Knives That Started My Collection:
Gerber AR 3.0 Pocket Knife Knife ►
Cold Steel Recon 1 Tanto Tactical Knife ►

Trifecta (Under $100):
Kershaw Ken Onion Leek ►
Spyderco Delica 4 ►…


  1. Delica. 4 kershaw something and the other version of the. Kershaw

  2. No hate bro the more the better much props cuz I too have a pretty big collection and there not all expensive and not all budget I buy what I like. However mine are organized a lil better lol…. jk

  3. You should also add Boker and Browning knifes

    Great collection . ??

  4. Can you send me a knive as a giveaway to me

  5. Think of this haters if you have a lot of knifes your prepared for a lot

  6. Was happy to see you enjoy some higher end knives. I remember you used to only review budget friendly knives. Happy that you dont push knockoffs.

  7. Great collection. Of course that's coming from someone that has a similar sized collection.

  8. Can I have one? Pleaseeee

  9. Love your knife vids. Do you use blue loctite or anything like it to keep your pivot screws from turning

  10. I collect as well but I hate the spidey hole

  11. Nice video. I own the gerber that was in your left hand. I completely agree about the grip. I dont worry about my finger getting caught though. Cool ? Subbed

  12. Oh and I have the benchmade 940-1 it's 268 not 100

  13. I started collecting 8 months ago I just counted I'm up to 100 knifes so far and 3 more are being delivered tomorrow from Amazon I believe it's a true addition there's only so many I can use more then half I touched maybe once and yes you need a zero tolerance 0450cf beautiful fit and finish very smooth opening but thanks for the video and addiction lol

  14. Nice, Dam you can hold a lot of open knives in your hands at once but you seem to want to hold more,LOL. If you made this vid without cutting yourself,even a lil Nick,my hats off to you. Can tell you love knives. Ps. I got a cool knife to sell Ya.LOL

  15. Been clicking around YouTube looking at crappy knife collections for kicks and finally reached my limit and clicked this video. Forgot what good knives were for a bit

  16. Hey can I have a small cheap one plz I am not poor I just started collecting and have four small ones plz I am trusted with them I am just collecting plz get back you and anyone plz it would make my year

  17. That is a lovely collection!!!!!!!!!!!?

  18. Defiantly need a zt 0450 & 0452 cf

  19. U get that crkt fossil yet lmao I've recently come across abkt brand and can't find any good reviews on them check them out plz!!! I got the abkt push dagger neck knife $7.95 on blade hq mircarta handles are not the best 440 mystery steel an fit and finish not the best but I truely believe abkt has a great chance of being decent budget company

  20. Get your self crkt fossil!! It's a big old blade that feels great in the hand

  21. Where's the CRKT Fossil ,,,large and compact,,,two of the best budget blade of today at Amazon and Walmart,,,what's up with that Budget Gear Guy,,,these are mostly high end Bug Out blades,,,??but they are cool knives just a little expensive for the budget minded blue collar Dudes,,,you know them as those 9 to 5 folks,,,✌?

  22. Ti Lite 4 & 6 are the knife collectors must now days,,,Ti Lite,,,by CS,,,? nice blades none the less

  23. I love knives I carry one every day

  24. I have over 100 knives, but even at your lower quantity, your quality blows the doors off my collection, i had an infatuation with blades a number of years before i was actually well versed in quality vs junk. So i used to collect knives id see in stores and online, and then when i was old enough to buy firearms i educated myself enough to understand the difference. So you can see i have a bunch of gimmicky attention grabbers from earlier years, now i have blades that matter

  25. I have copies of blades but not the same color

  26. The un opposing dork that you'd wish was your friend channel lol

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