1. Running is amazing! Thanks for having me on and keep up the great training + content! 👊🏼 💯

  2. Where do you carry the water bottle?

  3. I’m not tryna be a hater but id work on your gait not to improve just running but for injury prevention. Check the GOATA locomotive training. Life changing.

  4. Foam does NOT save you energy, dude

  5. holy mother of heelstriking i pray for your knees

  6. Hey man, this is the first video of yours I've seen and I think it's amazing!

    I hope it's not too cheeky for me to offer a running tip? This is pretty much the only thing I remember from my middle school PE teacher who was a semi-pro triathlete.

    Whereas with walking you're supposed to go heel-toe, when running you should land on the ball of your foot and spring back off your heel. You'll notice you do this naturally if you try running barefoot! It takes a little getting used to but it's easier on the knees and a more efficient way of moving!

    Great video, i may pick up that armband!

  7. as a runner myself, try not arching back as seen in the video but rather lean forward a tad bit so you carry the whole body's momentum and making your runs efficient

  8. You have nasty over pronation. Does it hurt?

  9. Running is actually bad for your joints. Jogging or fast walking is better. Good for you though staying active!

  10. Canoopsy been making use of ActiveTO lol

  11. Please share us your running playlist!!

  12. Just a question do u have a flat feet too? ur shoes on the beginning looks like u have. Actually the vid was so crazy and well edited.

  13. What benefit do you get from taking your phone with you? I always run with just the Apple Watch because it has my music on it, the guided runs are there too and it definitely is less of a bother than the Phone on my arm.

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  15. If only I could find some next % or alphaflys for tempo run days 👌🏼🤷🏻‍♀️ Nice video 🤓✌🏼

  16. super dope video but your stride looks super weird

  17. I’m just glad you ain’t made another iPad video. Because you milked it

  18. Can you please make make a video on a clean and minimal and productive room design with mac pro ipad and a laptop to attach to the monitor when mac pro is not attached

  19. What’s the point of running with an iPhone attached to your arm when having an Apple Watch? 🤨

  20. Since you have Apple Music, you can upload your running playlist on your watch and connect your buds to the watch, making it possible to leave your phone at home and work out lighter (and stay away from distractions )

  21. just use the watch with the nike running app. you won’t need your phone for tracking or music. i use my series 5 nike apple watch, and it’s great!

  22. and I will edit it a little bit

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