My Top Picks for Everyday Carry 2022

The content creator in this video shares his 2021 Everyday Carry (EDC) kit, which includes the items he carries every day for convenience. He discusses specifics and provides links to Amazon for the products he uses. The video is broken down into several categories:

– House Keys: He shows a specific key holder called “SPEC-DNT.”
– Car Keys/Flashlight: He shows a flashlight keychain called “Thrunite BSS W1” and a dual carabiner called “S-Biner.”
– Cell Phone: He shares what phone he uses.
– Earbuds/Headphones: He shares what headphones he uses.
– Wallet: He shows two different wallets called “Herschel Charlie Wallet” and “Herschel Raven Wallet.”
– Pocket Knife: He shows a specific knife called “Benchmade Bailout.”
– Notebook and Pens: He shows a notebook from “Travelers Company” and two pens called “Lamy Safari” in white and green.
– Fidget Toy/Secret Stash: He shows a “Queen P.”
– Main Watches: He shows three watches called “Seiko SKX007,” “Seiko SRPD series,” and “G-Shock Rangeman.”
Everyday Carry Sling Bag: He shows a “Peak Design Sling.”
– In-Car Stuff: He shares a roll-up chess set, emergency bag, and in-car multitool.

He ends the video by asking viewers to share their own EDC items and enter a subscriber giveaway by commenting on the video with a specific EDC item they love, along with its brand and model. The giveaway ends on August 31, 2021.

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  1. Entries are now closed! Thanks to everyone who entered the contest by fulfilling all 3 requirements: Subscribing to this channel, writing a comment sharing at least one specific item that's a part of your EDC, and having an Instagram account for us to communicate if you win!

  2. I want to know where to get the pin holder that you use

  3. Greetings from Alabama! I would be interested in your work flow using the Travelers notebook, how you select the inserts into the notebook, and how you transfer handwritten content into you laptop. I am also interested in your emergency bag & contents. Keep up the good work!

  4. That key chain door puller could be dangerous on the bus. Might injure the fingers in an abrupt stop or start

  5. Benchmade are the way to go, I have been using my Emerson since 1998. I have used it as a pry tool, box opener etc..
    Benchmade warranty is amazing, I have sent it back to be re edged and sharpened at no cost.

  6. Just so you know, carrying a knife like that in Canada is illegal.

    Not saying I agree with that, because I don’t. But you should know the laws.

  7. Loved the thrunite but…after well less than a year, it will not hold a charge.

  8. this might sound impractical, but i'd recommend not using your watch for another time zone while traveling. it keeps your mind on your home time and makes jet lag last longer

  9. Fun fact two of your here shown items are illegal in Germany with serious charges with even jail time and fines up to 10k €.
    The knife is considered a weapon here and so are the miniature brass knuckles.
    So be careful guys when you visit europe, "weapon laws" are crazy here, everything is basically an illegal weapon.

  10. Hi where did u get the pen clip?


  11. Still waiting your emergency bag video or I missed it?

  12. I am interested in the Notebook and break down of its use

  13. Would definitely like to see a walkthrough of that car emergency bag!

  14. Good video I am between the Lamy safari LX, the Safari and the CP1 I never had a fountain pen but I want one of these three I don't know which one to buy

  15. Really enjoying your videos, thanks. But I'm wondering – why do you always carry that knife? Oh yes, and I've ordered my 4000 lumens torch – great idea.

  16. 好喜歡那個筆夾,但在台灣好像找不到,國外網站好像也都out of stock. Subscribed,

  17. Please review Franklin-Christoph pens! Also, can't wait to see your journaling processes.

  18. I'm so confused as to how you are not at 1 mill subscribers. When I first subbed a few weeks ago and was watching your edc vids I thought you were a huge youtuber with the incredible quality of your videos and overall flow. Awesome stuff Maurice!

  19. Love your "finger spinning tool" 😀 Just wish it had a way to clip keys in and on my pant loop. Great idea

  20. Just recently found your channel and now I’m binge watching all your videos…great content and so concise and knowledgeable. Great job!

  21. Hi how are the knife laws in Canada?

  22. Very interested in such a key device ?

  23. Excellent video yet again ?

  24. cool idea but the spec-dnt doesn’t seem very ergonomic

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