New Glock G43X & G48 First Look

Glock just introduced their G43X and G48 Single Stack 10+1 Magazine CCW Options. Slim, trim and excellent for everyday Carry.

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  1. The finish is showing holster wear already…I feel it was NOT a good choice for Glock? Also, what's your opinion on Glocks new design for the retention of the live round when and prohibiting extracting/ ejection, if NOT racking the slide with force and considerable strength?

  2. Does the glock 48 slide/upper fit on the polymer ss80 frame/lower?

  3. All my handguns are glocks but these babies are fugly ugly

  4. I carry a glock everyday. But if there logo is gonna be glock perfection they should really do something about those crappy factory sights.

  5. @sootch00 – Is it true that the 48 has the 'marksman' barrel and the 43x does not? Also, the only other Glock that I own at this time is the 26 gen 5 so would you suggest the 43x or 48? Thanks!

  6. No picatinny rail. That really sucks. Betcha the next batch will have em.

  7. SUCKS I can't get this in CA… Scandalous!!!

  8. Nice another glock for my collection

  9. I disagree with one point you made. I don't think the 43x is aimed at the P365 but the MP Shield. It's got more capacity and is about the same size as the Shield. With all the problems Sig has had with the P365, I still think the Shield is the king of Conceal carry market.

  10. Good review but why not bring a G19 to compare to G48?

  11. Will the standard g 43 slide fit the 43x or 48 frame

  12. Just the fact that the mags aren’t compatible with the g43, that kinda turns me off from it because now that just makes more mags that you have to buy if you decide to invest in either of those guns and you already have a g43, and you can’t carry one of the new 10 round mags with the Glock reliability for your 43 to have more capacity, now if they tweak the 43 a bit to accept those new mags then I might be more interested in them

  13. The fact that they they named one of these a 43 and one a 48, makes me want to headbutt a pencil.

  14. I want a single stack glock in 45acp full length frame

  15. So both for these firearms are California legal..???

  16. If you own a G43… there’s only ONE choice… Buy the Glock 48 and you still have a Glock 43x by default! That’s what I’m gonna do… 😎😎✊🏾

  17. I live in Illinois and I was gonna get a glock 19 as my first conceal carry pistol but after these releases I'm thinking of getting one of these would you recommend one of these over the original glock 19 gen 5 as a starting firearm?

  18. Great. Just when i had made up my mind and going for the g43 as my next gun, this pops up.

  19. Perfect just the info that's pertinent video! Thanks

  20. Glock has finally released a pistol (two actually) that meet my personal requirements for CCW.

  21. I didn't think glock could make an uglier gun but they never seice to amaze me. Sig has completely put glock to shame with the p320 and p365. RIP Glock and welcome to the Sig era!

  22. Have Glock designers, and engineers become Glock fan boy’s there selves? I mean there will be some people who would love these styles of guns. In my opinion Glock is going backwards on design. We all wanted a Glock (365) and we get these?

  23. I think I'll just wait until the frames come out on glock store, then throw the slide and lower parts from my G43. Problem solved!

  24. Went down to my local gun store the clock 43 x with night sights they quoted me 539.00 with free shipping to the store I think this will be my next CCL gun just don't like the Sig that much

  25. But when will they ever produce a double stack .380 in the US like they have in Europe? I know importing them was a nightmare because they didn’t meet the points for entry, but now that there is a factory in the US there is no excuse for them not selling them to civilians in the US. I’d personally love to own a 15+1 in .380 that’s more reliable than a Bersa.

  26. Will the g43 holsters fit the g43x also, will the TLR 6 light/laser on the g43 fit the g43x

  27. I wish I had one of every Glock lol

  28. No accessory rail. Seems not a huge deal for CC but just to have the option of adding a light.

  29. Finally, a smaller hand gun that meets Canada's goofy laws (10 rd capacity and min barrel of 106 mm). Can't wait for the G 48!

  30. Reserved one of each at my LGS today. Can't wait for them to come in.

  31. Perfect! Their designed for us California firearm users. 10 rounds max.

  32. Glock makes a politically correct gun ……. Why ?

  33. Another advantage is less weight. Slimline = less weight.

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