NexTool KT5506 Dino Bone Tactical Pen, Silver, Multitool, Handheld Self Defense #edcfinds

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The NEXTOOL KT5506 Dino Bone Tactical Pen features precision manufacturing, modern design aesthetics, a tungsten steel head and a Fisher Space Pen core. The dragon bone look is based on the sturdiness of a dragon bone structure case, matched with the precision CNC machining, to make a handheld tactical pen that is exceptional to look at and exceptional in all its uses: whether used as a self defense weapon or a multitool.

NEXTOOL TACTICAL PEN: Features a nano-ceramic striking tip for use in emergency situations or as a handheld self defense weapon
TACTICAL DESIGN: This pen matches high precision CNC machining for a memorable visual impact and includes a versatile Fisher Space Pen core for writing in any conditions
MULTITOOL: The hardness of Tungsten steel reaches over Hra90, to easily scratch glass or smash a tempered glass car window; good enough for a speedy escape when that’s what’s needed
TACTICAL PEN: NEXTOOL tactical pens can be compared to other handheld self defense weapons like pepper spray or a tactical knife for combat. Alternative to camping gear and outdoor gear like a utility knife or pocket knife: no knife sharpener needed!
TACTICAL GEAR: NEXTOOL creates innovative tactical pens, multitools, utility knives and self defense weapons that are perfect for emergency preparedness, and serves as excellent camping gear and outdoor gear

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