Old school edc (everyday carry)

Some of the old timer stuff here. Wood and leather everyday carry. Not on video are the handcuff key on leather thread around my neck, iPhone in wood case, wedding ring and basic FAK .

Shoutout to Hellzarmy, Cutlerylover, Weapon collecter, Tex Grebner, Dsarti1, wall2rockclimber,… 31849

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  1. +Tarantio1983 and Richard Lannister use are both wrong you are aloud to carry a knife in the UK that is less than 3" not 3.5" and is none locking without a reson BUT you can carry a knife the is locking and is over 3" WITH a good reson (going fishing or doing bushcrat etc. )

  2. Wooden leather black and bown.

  3. no, they aren't UNLESS they exceed 3.5 inches and/or have a fixing lock mechanism for general carry … there's a few caveats and addendums, like where you can take them (not into schools, public offices, etc.), guidelines as to acceptable purposes for carrying blades, and also blandishment rules…

  4. Where did you get that little black lighter?

  5. um pocket knives are illegal in the UK, i hope you know you are breaking the law by owning that pocket knife

  6. Hey great video really enjoyed it, I was wondering were did you get that little leather notebook? thanks.

  7. something tells me u like brown

  8. What's that second lighter?

  9. you can tell this guy likes alot of wood

  10. What's the second lighter called

  11. Great EDC. I totally dig the leather and wood stuff. It has a real cool rustic feel to it all, but its also got a modern twist. Great items.

  12. It was all good till you pulled out them silver pliers

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