Osprey Apogee: NO FRILLS Everyday Carry Backpack – #edcvideos

Thanks for watching! In this video I share with you the Osprey Apogee. This bag is very similar to the other packs in Osprey’s 24/7 line. I think this bag is more of a …


  1. Nebula vs Apogee? Please give me your score

  2. i like this video so much so i hit the thumbs up button two times!

  3. great review! I like your videos.

  4. Can the side pockets fit a 32oz nalgene?

  5. I'm picking up mine today. Same color…i wanted black at first. I hope this colour suits me.

  6. Thank you for this comprehensive review. This has helped me to make up my mind regarding my next backpack.

  7. i am between this and the nebual for everyday work, weekend, carry on bag!! what's your opinion on which to choose??

  8. I just bought this backpack. I am not sure if I made the right choice as a cheaper TNF backpack would have done the job as well. The quality of materials Osprey is using however is outstanding. It also feels great on the back. I made up my mind once I saw George’s review. Thanks dude, you are a quality reviewer.

  9. Hey brother, I won’t lie, you are an EPIC dude! I freaking LOVE watching your reviews. Probably the BEST I’ve seen. You’re funny, down to earth, knowledgeable and on point ALWAYS giving the impression you’ve spent time researching the item you are highlighting. Like 👍🏻 Like 👍🏻 Like 👍🏻 Like 👍🏻 Like 👍🏻 Keep doing what you do!

  10. Lets say we dont want to use the chest straps and waist straps, is there anywhere to tuck them into

  11. Does anyone know if Apogee is the same as Aphelia except for the size?

  12. omg this video is just hilarious!

  13. Bro, I absolutely loved this in depth review, you addressed everything most of my questions about this bag and you've convinced me the pull the trigger on it. Just double checking, this color is Sentinel Gray right?

  14. Thanks for helping mo chose this bag man! Love ur channel! Keep it up!

  15. I like it…but a bit too big for me.

  16. You do really great videos! Great intro and everything else!

  17. Excellent video my friend 👍🏼

  18. Very nice review and video. Super bag. Thanks for the revie. Have a great day and a better tomorrow.

  19. Just found channel, AWESOME 👏🏼

  20. Good video….
    I like the backpack. Simple.

  21. George, thanks for the great review!

  22. Useless hip strap. I hope some bag companies realize more people don't want them rather than want them especially at that webbing quality. Good vid George!

  23. Check out the Osprey radial 34. Awesome bag.

  24. how has it taken me so long to find this channel? comedy and insight are perfect!

  25. Do u this bag is big enough for 2 night travelling? Mmmm

  26. hey, how do you compare this with Osprey Nebula?

  27. Lol. George is that little devil on my shoulder saying “BUY IT” when I’m looking at backpacks.

  28. I use this bag for school and travel. I like that it’s not extremely easy to get into the bigger storage areas, especially for travel, to help avoid theft. I just wish it was more water resistant.

  29. awesome jedi effects)) u made me smile=))

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