Paramedic Everyday Carry (EDC)

EDC = Everyday Carry. Time to empty out the pockets to show you what I carry on me when I am on duty as a paramedic.

Raptor Trauma Shears:…


  1. I just carry my wallet, phone, and my ravencrest tac knife. Everything else is in the jump bag too much to carry.

  2. I highly-value your channel! Thank you so much for sharing all of this information!

  3. Carry a cpr sheild im 13 and certified and always carry it on me

  4. Between the iPhone and the protection you can carry stuff, like alcohol pads or small bandages

  5. Thank you, my friend, you are a sophisticated person and I am following you am from Iraq. Thank you

  6. Where do you keep the TQ? Do you have a holder for it or which pocket in the 511 pants does it go in?

  7. iPhone 7 – Are you serious? is there a Patreon page where we can donate to upgrade to 2019 standards.

  8. The most important thing that you leave out is your personal experience and exposure to actual medical emergencies. People can have all this great gear but unless they can keep their wits about them in an actual emergency then all this is useless. In my opinion, the real life-saver is your experience and on the job training.

  9. The intro is like 1,000 times louder than the video.

  10. As an EMT I always have a notepad or pad of sticky notes in my breast pocket of my uniform. I also have a little cheap keychain wallet to carry my certifications and licenses in. Also I usually stick a few of those little hand sanitizer wipes packets in my pocket, We use the McKesson ones at McCormick Ambulance in SoCal, or i keep one of the small bottles of purell.

  11. No stethoscope? No note book? No pen light? No gloves? No safety glasses?

  12. What is the intro music?

  13. What, no pistol? You carry one off duty, would think you would on duty. Unless you’re not allowed too… Which if you cannot, is a pretty dumb policy by whoever made that rule, you’re a LEO, so you can carry a gun, and you have a permit to carry as a civilian, why not when you’re working as a paramedic? Disarm the cop you work with, then call the cops with guns to save you in the case of a violent attacker. Makes perfect sense.

  14. U should carry a walkie talkie and an earpiece so that u can communicate with other paramedics

  15. Be honest! You included that knife for the wife points, didn't you?

  16. When I started as a paramedic in '03 cell service was so bad no one kept personal phones on them so we just had the phone in the ambulance. My EDC was a wallet and a Swiss army knife, lol. How times change!

  17. im from the uk so seeing a paramedic carrying a gun and a knife is very weird and i dont understand why they should carry these

  18. Can you do a review on your stethoscope?

  19. Sam, I am a fire fighter and EMT. I am interested in becoming a reserve cop but all the research I've done this far says that most reserve cops are not paid. Are you paid for this function?

  20. Add a Sharpie pen to your edc they are EMT’s best friend

  21. But the pens.. why do you have the pens?!

  22. Raptor, pen, sharpie, flashlight, phone, wallet, Littman. I also have a pulse-ox and a temporal thermometer in my bag, as well as a trauma kit (sometimes our service doesn’t give us everything I think they should). I used to carry a 26 Fr NPA in my pocket when I worked in the hospital. There was a BVM in almost every room, but I always seemed to be first to arrive during codes; and it was nice to have an adjunct available.

  23. I am a retired medic and I am sure it's been said but I carry leather barrier / puncture resistant gloves, hand sanitizer and a flashlight. But hell when I was a medic we carried stethoscopes on us and a few other things. Times change.

  24. That Benchmade barrage is awesome you found a good one.

  25. Saludos desde colombia soy paramedico de la NAEMT y gracias por. Tus videos

  26. I'd suggest a sharpie. I've written basic info/VS on t shirts with this in a mascal, and it has been useful in many, many situations.

  27. Wrist watch w/ a seconds hands, and a pen/permeant marker are by fare the absolute, #1 must carry. V/s, notes and pass on. Cannot do these without those. Two is one, one is none.

  28. Where did you get the case for your Apple Watch ?

  29. I carry two more things you don't have shown. A SOG Paratool and a 5.11 ATAC PLX flashlight.

  30. Nice Video! I also carry a pair of Mechanix Gloves for carrying persons, heavy equipment or in case of assaults.

  31. I carry two pens and a thing of index cards. Lol

  32. I'm only working in ambulance transport so the exciting stuff happens elsewhere, but my most used edc is definitely a little softcover moleskine. I take notes all the time, wether it's the address of the next hospital for the relatives, or the stuff we have to re-fill prior to our next mission. It always sits in my chest pocket and is pretty useful!

  33. Bahaha !! I’m a R.N. I thought I was the only one who lost that many cheap pens!!

  34. Where is the flashlight and pocket full of gloves

  35. You forgot the EMS lounge sandwich, and the Red Bull’s…

  36. Dont carry a firearm while on duty?

  37. A decent flashlight and gloves!

  38. Ahhh… so you're that guy.

  39. Made me laugh when you were talking about your cheap shears, how you do not want to get puke ect. On them.. I totally agree, but my 1rst day on the box, we had a patient with a rowdy GI bleed, and that day I wore my brand new Haix Xr1 boots,.. And yeah.. They got pooped on ? sooo ive been wearing some cheaper ones lol

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