Pocket Dump EDC 2019 (My Everyday Carry Gear)

You asked for an update on what I keep in my pockets… So here’s my EDC (Everyday Carry ) Pocket Dump for 2019.

My EDC Watch ► https://amzn.to/2SBHTRb
My EDC Wallet ► https://amzn.to/2Sx0ZrG
My EDC Flashlight ► https://amzn.to/2RDJ9pP
My EDC Phone Case / Tools ►…


  1. Why am I always getting unsubscribed from your channel this is like the fourth time now

  2. “Chair” Force Warrior ???

  3. I love my Fenix light. Has a tail switch and a button like the olight for changing modes. Amazing quality.

  4. 6 knives for 6 different sponsors

  5. if you haven't already and if you are allowed to show, could you do a bag dump of what you carry while on duty/around base?

  6. Too much duplication for me. The key to a well thought out EDC is to avoid redundancy IMO. There's no need for 4 knives, 4 flashlights, 4 different ways to start a fire. Dump all the redundancy and replace it with something genuinely useful – e.g. a portable charger for your phone. Imagine your phone battery running out in an emergency situation, yikes!

  7. Every things is brand new not even a scratch . Next time use it first .

  8. Awesome edc brother ?? this give me some ideas thanks

  9. Just a tip if nobody has mentioned it already. You should always detach the rest of your key ring from your car key while driving as weight like that can cause damage to the car's ignition

  10. 라이터는 어디서 난겨 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ04:06

  11. Once again, well done, well thought out and delivered nicely. THX for the links in the notes. Keep em coming.

  12. I would not keep my emergency money in my phone case. If you lose your phone or are mugged and it is taken, that is when you could really use that emergency cash.

  13. everyone saying he doesnt need that mny knifes of flashlights, i pack a gerber eab razor knife for opening boxs and for cutting stuff only metal or etc were i dont wanna wreck my good knife. the good knife i pack for cutting apples and other things is a buck 110. and then i also pack a leatherman super tool 200. the jeans i wear are costco jeans and the change pocket on the right side on normal jeans is very small on these jeans it is huge! big enough to pack that very large leatherman and it cant be seen when it is in there and then i pack my phone in my right pocket and my keys with a olight mini 3e eos light best light for key chains. ive used it so much that ive put about 10 or so batterys in it and the run time of gotten is about 45ish minutes.

  14. A lot for an office warrior.

  15. JUST AN ADVERTISING CHANNEL. here's the watch i received. Bullshit!!!!!

  16. Way too much..overkill..put all that stuff in a bag…all you need is keys,wallet,phone,knife on body..maybe a lighter,pen, bandanna

  17. Whats the bullet pull apart Keychain called

  18. Hitch and timber wallet broski all day the best wallet

  19. Mine is
    #Letherman rebar
    #victorinox compact
    #gerber paraframe tanto
    #casio 20 USD ANALOG WATCH
    #XIOMI redmi note 6 pro
    #SanDisk 2 sided 16gb pendrive

    Inside my wallet I keep 1 buttons and a thread
    Inside Victorinox compact I keep a needle in pin hole

  20. I carry 1 knife, 1 pen, a small notebook, tiny flashlight, and a handkerchief. I keep a multi tool in my vehicle or bag. I’ve found that setup to be minimal, while still meeting any daily need. I used to go out of the house like I knew WW3 was going to start that day. But in reality it’s all very redundant, and most things can be improvised when needed. I could imagine thinking I needed to carry a strip of duct tape inside my belt, with 4 flashlights and 6 knives. Now I’m not saying he’s wrong, everyone has a different philosophy of use, but I cannot imagine a situation where even 1/2 of that would be needed. A screwdriver in the Leatherman, then get a phone case that has a screwdriver pocket? Have a nice fire starter on my belt, then get a phone case with one, and keep a striker in my belt too? Woah.

  21. – Hello, sir, do you happen to have a pen?
    – No, but I have 6 knives and 4 flashlights!
    In any kind of real-life situation, you would be considered a dumbass if that conversation would ever occur.

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