PrepMedic’s EDC ⎮2022⎮

Here is a detailed look at my updated off duty everyday carry (EDC). Having spent the last 12 years in public safety as a paramedic, SWAT medic and reserve deputy sheriff I am well aware of the limitations of our emergency services and choose to carry enough to mitigate life threatening situations, while still maintaining functionality and convenience (I also am a gear head and fully admit that I carry more than most people will ever need).

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  1. Thanks for sharing man! And that tourniquet sheath was meant for the CAT to protect your pant leg from the Velcro. But it’s removable, just attached at the bottom with Velcro. So for your setup you should definitely take it out. Stay safe man!

  2. isn't polarized glasses not allowed for flight crew ?

  3. “There’s nothing special…”

  4. Im so sick of hearing that dumb *I wanna be able to defend myself or my family excuse*.

  5. Cinematic looks crazy good😂your phone must be broken

  6. I see chest seals commonly added to these setups. Is there a reason you choose not to add them?

  7. really good video, I just find it funny that you use to carry a gun more than a knife, and in personnal experience, a knife can come handy a lot of time, and if you can’t carry a gun in some places a knife can be carryed more often, because it’s smaller and some places don’t accept gun at all. So yeah if you had to do something to upregade your edc, in my point of view it’s the first thing to consider(sorry for my english if I made errors, I’m french)But really good video.

  8. Pretty good EDC, especially the med kits/eq. As a former USAF Paramedic/Firefighter, I can attest to really needing the Quick Clot whether in a bandage or other form. The Boo boo kit also is very handy. The worst situations I've faced are when I've NOT been carrying my kit or just minimal and the Quick clot or some kind of esophageal airway could have really helped. Thanks for your time. Oh, I also conceal carry. Don't ever wanna hurt anyone but it did save my life once with a really bad dog situation.

  9. I have the Garmin 245 4Runner and I absolutely love it it's everything I need and nothing that I don't

  10. 1,300 for the watch bro, how can i afford it lol

  11. have you considered adding Narcan to your med kit? Idk your state's laws but in my state you can pick it up on a standing order from any pharmacy and I have heard of some healthcare professionals who carry it daily just in case they walk in on someone overdosing. obviously your flight packs have it in there but just a thought since you would probably recognize signs of an overdose and those chest compressions arent going to be worth a ton if you're fighting a ton of opioid-induced respiratory suppression

  12. Paramedics carrying weapons xD.

  13. Thanks for sharing this I am going to take classes to become a premedic/EMT. And it's good to know about all of the things that I will need.

  14. It’s an edc video and he didn’t even mention a knife!

  15. can we talk about the fact he filled up 500gbs of storage so quickly?

  16. I agree with you iPhone 13 pro sucks 😖🤬I updated from iPhone 12 Pro Max and really disappointed 😔 😤

  17. A medic does not need a gun only in the us will you see this and then you wonder why there are so many shootings there and no one feels safe

  18. Stay with the oem Glock trigger

  19. Have you thought to add Narcan to your EDC?

  20. Where you get your phone case from

  21. Would love to know what gun safe you had there @7:38

  22. im kinda surprised you opt out of carrying an epipen

  23. Thanks for the video really informative, by any chance what phone case is that?

  24. "Why do you need it?" Because the US is a BIG CRAZY country that is why. Europeans just don't seem to understand the concept of BIG. I know people from Europe who live in countries that are smaller than my state. They can't grasp the concept of getting in a car and driving for 3-4 hours w/o crossing an official state/country boundary. I can get in my car and drive 20 minutes in 1 direction and be in my state capitol. I can drive 20 minutes in the other direction and be in mountainous country with deer, bears, moose, etc…

  25. weird flex to start of the video with an iphone.

  26. hes definitely more of a medic than i am but please dont ever remove a retention clip from a tourniquet.

  27. Isn’t a head injury a contraindication for an OPA?

  28. I really need to change the trigger on my gun its so stiff.

  29. That's the first really smart watch I've seen. It looks like, and has the functionality of something in a sci-fi movie.

  30. I have to admit, I’m very surprised that you carry all of those more obscure items in your ankle kit (needle, airway), but not a chest seal. Am I missing something? I’m building out an EDC ankle kit currently and I was planning on stocking it with a SOF-T, quick clot gauze, and a compact vented chest seal (twin pack), and possibly a compression bandage and/or shears if I felt I had the extra room. Do you recommend against carrying a chest seal now? Seems likely that someone could be shot in the chest/lung in a civilian context. Thanks!

  31. Absolutely with you on the concept of "need"… No one needs any of that stuff, until he/she needs it DESPERATELY to the point of "you won't have time to go fetch it…". So either you have it on you, or you will have to do without. And sometimes that just not a possibility… it all derives form that. I'm still carrying more stuff than you, like a spare mag for my slide milled Glock23gen3 RMR Type 2 equipped EDC, a utility folding knife, a SF backup pocket flashlight instead of a gun mounted one, a pocket IFAK with a wide rubber tourniquet and a backup pocket Jframe revolver (my little corner of Paradise gets sometime really too exiting. Not near as much as in the bad old days, but still…). Great information. Cheeres!

  32. not the most expensive firearm but i turned it into one

  33. Great video, what jacket are you wearing? I like it a lot

  34. Just go ahead and get the Apex Trigger kit. Apex lives up to the name and pricing is good. $90-$140, then just drop-in installation.

  35. Smart man keeping a round in the chamber while holstered, shows you understand your weapon, great video

  36. Gun store name above 🔝🔝🔝 got all this guns in store, you can hit them up fast delivery and reliable 💯💯

  37. I bought the quick clot gauze and powder for our kit. My wife said: "Why did you buy that?" Let's not find out… OK? 😂 (do you agree? with my picks? Also a CAT Combat Application Tourniquet(s))

  38. now i know cut on your key

  39. Yea well fuck commie Europe

  40. Has everything but one of the main things , a Flashlight

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