Prepper EDC: A Practical Woman's Every Day Carry

As a lifelong practical prepper, Jaime shares with you her every day carry gear (EDC gear) and why she carries each item. Find out what survival gear is important to her on a suburban homestead.

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  2. Just watched your video and found it very inspirational as I am trying to put together my own EDC-kit. However I jumped a bit when you pulled out that gun as it is feels very odd to see that normal people walk around with guns (I am Swedish and we don't carry guns here). Thanks for sharing your tips and ideas!

  3. Jamie….I know this video is older and since you have moved…and are now out farther than simply rural/suburbia…as such have you thought about doing an updated EDC? To reflect the changes in your enviorn? Thanks!

  4. Just found your channel and loving you already. Thanks for sharing a female view of sensible edc. I’m not into these pink versions of stuff, it makes you stand out too much.

  5. I like to watch your videos and you had my attention up to the point about the firearms and your liberal stance on dictating who should have the right to carry a firearm and wanting to limit that right with laws saying they have to have classes to carry. I understand why you are saying that , however what give you or anyone else the right to dictate who should be allowed to defend themselves. I'll never understand why people are so willing to give up their freedoms to more government laws.

  6. Love the Prepper series. When it comes to organization, efficiency & concise presentation, you two are immaculate! Thank you for a very easy-to-navigate channel.

  7. Omg! The shoes. Lol. Ive gone on numerous backpacking trips and gone through a ton of shoes. Socks & shoes will make you or break you, literally.

  8. Great job! Where were you when i worked in new york! I dont travel without my GO GIRL! YES IT IS A DISCRETE PORTABLE WOMANS URINAL SO YOU CAN STAND AND PEE. i had a friend who went to nepal and when she came home i got the biggest hug from her for making her pack one! They stayed at a monastary. ?

  9. I thought your comments about how not everybody should be armed was very appropriate. I know the second amendment gives us that right, but there are some people that just plain and simple should not own a firearm. My neighbor is fairly skittish, somewhat emotional and demonstrative. She’s also anxious. They’ve got two small children and when her husband travels for work she’s on high alert. Bumps and noises alarm her more than the average person. There have been times when she’s heard something and she’s asked me to help check it out. In the past I’ve done so but when she told me that she had purchased a handgun, I told her I wouldn’t feel comfortable walking around her house at night with a flashlight. Just too risky.
    I know this is not a normal or average situation, but it’s a situation none-the-less.

  10. even as a male i found this interesting haha the quest bars is deffs a plus for a student like me

  11. I wish Quest would make dairy free bars!

  12. I just watched this video for the second time, I now live in Philadelphia and am going to buy the bag and other things I need to carry in case of an emergency. I carry an emergency blanket, bandaids, pens and paper, etc. I like the attached wallet, there are so many times I will put my wallet down when paying at the store then walk off to put my groceries away, leaving my wallet on the counter. I prefer one that I can stick in my pocket instead. I carry snack bars too usually the generic ones. Thank you for all of your advice.

  13. I picked up a Kimber Ultra Carry in stainless. My wife liked it so much I had to go buy another one for me.

  14. Jaime, your share value multiplied exponentially upon producing the 45, but I hope you usually carry it on you, rather than in your purse. I know, a subject for a different video. Keep up producing great vids!

  15. I carry a glock 30 s it's a 45 and I love that gun. My summer carry is a 38 plus p or a 357 snub nose

  16. Nice pack. That thing is very cool I carry a sling pack

  17. Good informational video. Does Pacsafe carry a man-purse. just kidding, but looks like a good product.

  18. …please consider cloning.

  19. Sorry, I have to disagree with you on the concealed carry comments. While I agree that I would love to see people have gotten training and or experience before they carry concealed, I disagree on it being a requirement. One of the biggest problems I have with requirements on something like that is it's always so easy to keep moving the goalposts to a point where a right becomes an impossibility for most people. It would be so easy 4 your permit to just require 300 hours of training and a $2,000 fee and etc etc to a point where your average person would never a able to qualify to exercise their constitutional right. The other aspect I have an issue with is who is to say what training I should have to have to exercise my right. I spent eight years in the military carrying weapons of various types and sizes. I have owned and used guns of different types for nearly half a century now. Should I also be required to take a course so that I can exercise my constitutional rights? I like the way it's set up here and Wyoming. Here if you are a veteran you qualify or concealed carry permit, if you've taken hunter safety, you qualify if you've taken a concealed carry course you qualify. And with any of these three you go in and the sheriff department will issue a concealed carry permit. Oh and the best aspect yet, in Wyoming you do not need a permit to carry concealed, we are all entitled to carry concealed in Wyoming without a permit. I can't remember the last time I heard of an accidental or intentional shooting that harmed anybody within 100 Mi radius of where I live.

  20. Just saw you put links- duh! Just woke up. Thank you!

  21. GI Jane! Love it!! Thanks for the info…. wife wants to know how to get a purse like that?

  22. Great video and great EDC bag. Thanks for sharing ????

  23. I just order both the messenger bag and the wallet! Thanks so much for sharing! I have never been one to wear jewelry or carry a purse but that cross body messenger bag looks awesome. We also bought a couple of Go Pro Cameras (so I will video and share the arrive of my new EDC when it arrives). Jamie & Jeremy my husband and I have found your clips to be amazing, informative, and INSPIRING! We have been binge watching for the past 3 days since I found your channel and though we are newbies to youtube we are gonna give it a try and share the upcoming chapter in the story of our lives as we go Off-Grid & Under Ground.

  24. What brand is the long sleeve camo shirt?

  25. As always, very informative.. I would add an actual map of your area incase cell n gps no longer works.. Thanks for sharing..

  26. Not a huge fan of the 1911 style pistols.. just something about carrying a firearm with the hammer back full time for a couple of reasons.. the first one is I believe it weakens the hammer spring after a while possibly causing the firearm to fail when you need it the most. And second is just plain safety. I understand that is the way you have to carry that weapon. I prefer a double action with a decocker. It does take more shooting practice to get use to that first pull. And that’s just fine with me I enjoy the practice anyway I have had firearms fail because of constant firing spring compression though I guess that’s why I’m not a fan.

  27. I am always working on my EDC.

  28. That messenger bag is awesome. And I totally agree with the way you think about guns.

  29. Love your EDC. While I personally agree with all the classes someone "should" take to carry.. I also respect the fact that it is a "right" to carry. When I got around guns I made sure every family member knew how to use them. That is my responsibility and made the house safer. Thank you for the videos

  30. "oh yes, nearly forgot. I'm packin" nice ending ?

  31. I believe in the second amendment.

  32. I'll forward this to my wife….maybe she'll listen to you! Great video.

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