3 Pack Uncle Bill's Sliver Gripper Precision Tweezers in a Recloseable Tube - Get #everydaycarry #edcfinds

$20.97 $14.99


3 Pack Uncle Bill’s Sliver Gripper Precision Tweezers in a Recloseable Tube – Get #everydaycarry #edcfinds

$20.97 $14.99

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Unlike other tweezers that are made by spot-welding two pieces of metal together, our product is crafted from a single piece of spring-tempered stainless steel. The wide hinge are assures perfect alignment, and the points are and dressed to exacting specifications.The tweezers many have called “a necessity” – Uncle Bill’s Sliver Grippers. I put one of these on my key chain as a handy first aid tool for those pesky sliver jobs…every once in a while you just need a good old fashioned tool to get the job done. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and Uncle Bill also guarantees it for life! Comes complete with a convenient holder; choose between a handy key chain or convenient bottle…or both!
Countless uses: Garden, home, kitchen, bath, shop, auto, dash, tool, first aid, hobbies. Ideal for small parts, boats, fishing, sewing. Removes stitches. Desk, school office, labs, cosmetics, pocket/purse, medical, splinters and slivers. Easily removes the tiniest of splinters, threads, hairs, stingers and more!Precision-ground points provide pin-point gripping
Spring-tempered stainless steel – keeps perfect alignment
Lifetime Guarantee assures you of a lasting value
Easier, more precise handling and control

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