Tweezty Best Mini Slant Tweezers (pink) - Get #everydaycarry #edcfinds


Tweezty Best Mini Slant Tweezers (pink) – Get #everydaycarry #edcfinds


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Want to successfully pull out ingrown hairs from under your skin?

Looking for a way to precisely and artistically pluck your eyebrows?

Your search stops here, because Tweetzy is a must-have tool in every woman’s beauty bag!

Tweetzy is made of high-quality stainless steel that is a hundred times as durable as other tweezers on the market. Its highly innovative design features perfectly-aligned tips that grip each hair precisely, pulling out ingrown hairs to finally reveal your skin’s real beauty and glow. What’s more, Tweetzy can also pick up the smallest hairs to allow for superior and precise eyebrow plucking, unlike standard tweezers.

The brushed surface of this little tool is very easy to hold and it won’t slip off your fingers while your plucking your eyebrows, thus preventing unwanted accidents. Plus, the elongated points mean less pressure applied to your skin, so you won’t damage the issues! With Tweetzy, plucking hairs will be a breeze!

Tweetzy is your way to artistically plucked eyebrows!

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Precision-aligned slant tips are best for all your tweezing needs
Quality stainless steel construction Matte finish for a non-slip grip

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