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Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink – Get #everydaycarry #edcfinds


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Internationally-acclaimed sex educator Midori’s book Wild Side Sex is an excellent gateway into the world of fetish and kink for curious explorers. Using her well-known mix of humor, sensuality, and ethics, Midori takes readers through her own adventures while giving straightforward advice about how to find your way past media fantasies and into the very rich, very real pleasures of kink.

* Learn what the wrong reasons to do BDSM are, and how to avoid hurting yourself or a partner.

* What’s fun about having sex in public, and do you want that for yourself?

* Aftercare: What do you do when you finish a scene, and why is it important?

* What are the basics of etiquette when attending your first fetish party, and how do you dress for it?

* Tips and tricks for nipple clamps, hot wax, medical scenes, and how to be a good domme or slave.

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