REHTAEL [4-Pack] Professional Paracord Keychain with Carabiner, Military Braided #edcfinds

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paracord keychainparacord keychain

Paracord Keychain with Carabiner

paracord keychain for outdoorparacord keychain for outdoor

REHTAEL Outdoor Series

Benefits of an Outdoor Lifestyle

Outdoor pursuits can increase physical activity

Nature and greenery may reduce psychological disorders

The outdoors can boost concentration

The freshest air possible

Paracord Keychain with Carabiner

What can the Paracord Keychain do for you?

The Paracord keychain is very useful, not just for outdoor activities, but also in everyday life……

Military materials can keep your outdoor adventures as safe as possible.

Equipped with a sturdy ring for easy storage and management of your keys.

Attach the keychain with these small items to the backpack / belt loop.

The paracord lanyard can untie to 4 feet for Emergency situations.

Not just outdoors, the keychain can also hold some small items in everyday life.

550 paracord 7 strands ensure it to be strong and secure.

The maximum load weight is 300 pounds.

paracord keychain with carabiner

paracord keychain with carabiner

update carabiner

update carabiner

paracord keychain with carabiner

paracord keychain with carabiner

paracord keychain

paracord keychain

Widely Use

Equipped with a sturdy ring to store and manage your keys / scissors / knife, etc. or all the small items you need to carry with you

Update Carabiner Clip

Spring-loaded gate more securely; Fully tested mechanism reliable;

Daily Use

This keychain can be used to hang things on both sides. Carabiner will make it easier to use.

Material and Size

Perfect size: 6.0 x 1.2 inch; 550 paracord 7 strands, metal key ring hook, and aluminium alloy carabiner;

paracord keychain for outdoorparacord keychain for outdoor

The Paracord Keychain is always with you

Awaken Adventure. Grab your paracord keychain and GO! The destinations are endless.

1.Professional Grade — Military grade type III 7 strand 300 lb test cord.
2.Military Material — REHTAEL paracord keychain is made of military braided 550 paracord (4 feet of survival paracord when UNwoven), metal key ring hook, and aluminium alloy carabiner (Durable and Lightweight).
3.Improved High Quality Spring for Clip — Improved spring of carabiners allow them to be quickly and securely attached to a wide range of fixing points. It works smoothly as the spring-loaded gate makes it easy to attach important items to a pack or belt, etc.
4.Widely Use — With a sturdy ring hook to hold and store your keys / knife / flashlight / scissors and whatever other things needs to NOT LOSE, or attach your keys to your backpack, briefcase, belt loop, etc. you can easily enjoy your any outdoor activities with confidence!
5.Gift Ideas – This EBC keychain is very sturdy and lightweight with nice looking. It is an ideal gift for your friends or family. What are you waiting for? Prepare the next outdoor activities for someone you love.

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