1. Great back pocket work knife. I'm in the UK and unfortunately we a quite restricted to what we can carry. No fixed, no locks and under 3". Fortunately I love traditional slip joints. I don't have a Sodbuster yet, so I'll have to get an Imperial Small Sodbuster. The only question is Black or Yellow.
    Thanks. 👍

  2. Can't beat that for the price good size for edc great review

  3. hi ,enjoying your channel all the way from wales.uk

  4. Makes a sweet work knife,nice review.

  5. I am one of those that came from SKL. Big Red and Paddy were the first two that got me interested in traditional or modern traditional. So I have them to thank for adding items to my collection. Can't go wrong with many of the RR for the price. Good review.

  6. LOL….I saw Big Red and had to stop immediately and watch!!! That's so cool!! I have a couple of the the larger locking RR sod busters and love them! Of course, the red jigged bone is my favorite!! Thanks brother!!

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