Ruger SR40c | My Everyday Carry (EDC) | Concealed Carry | Why I Carry

The Ruger SR40c is Tommy’s everyday carry, EDC. He chose the Ruger 40 S&W over his Rock Island Armory 1911 and other concealed carry guns because of the ability to conceal better, higher magazine capacity, and reliability.

Tommy has been a USCCA member for 1 year.

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  1. QUESTION: Would you carry the Ruger SR40c?

  2. Sorry I zoned you out at 2:15 in the video. Now I've got to go back and re-watch it. Good stuff though.

  3. We can run towards the problem rather than running away to hide.

  4. I made the same problem with my first firearm (Springfield XDm in a .45ACP). I got my carry permit in the fall so it was easily concealed with a coat. Once spring came I stuck with Springfield, but downsized to the XDs model in a .45ACP.

  5. Ruger make good guns thats for sure.

  6. If you're worried about the slip extension on the magazine (which I've had NO issues with), you can just glue it down.

  7. Thanks. Joined a couple of years back anticipating the need. Lots of decisions.

  8. Yeah I probably would carry an SR40c if I did not carry an M&P40c already.

  9. Good point about carrying a knife in the off hand side.

  10. Always appreciate the videos that USCCA produce.

  11. You lost me when that smoking hot girl appeared in the window..

  12. Highlight of the video was the Morgan cameo at 2:15 (through the glass over his shoulder)

  13. Check out the Sticky Holster. That’s my go to for concealed carry. Im even able to conceal carry my full size M&P 9mm with no issues! I got a 15 round mag in that M&P! And I carry a snag Mag as well! Love those things!

  14. Wish I could join the uscca but I moved to Washington state ☹️

  15. This looks more like "how I carry" than "why I carry."

  16. Finally, someone with USCCA who shoots with both eyes open. Recent videos of other members showing their EDC either had one eye closed or blinked every time they pulled the trigger. I approve of your choices to a certain extent. Not really a S&W fan, so I carry Glocks mostly.

  17. That makes a lot of sense to carry your pocket knife in the pocket away from your dominant shooting hand never thought about it that way.

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