SEAL Daily Concealed Carry Review | The UNAFRAID Podcast – Episode 9

What’s Eddie carry on the daily? The man himself lays out every piece of his two-tier carry kit, standard or lightweight, to reveal what he’s got on him in nearly every waking moment – and uncover just how effective he may be.

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  1. God bless you dude, Thank you for risking your ass for all of us. Love ya man

  2. I have a Cross on my Sig….Jesus saves

  3. Never afraid but I have to carry multiple weapons on me at all times

  4. Great video brother! Loved everything you showed, very simple and great info! I still haven't gave in to a red dot on a pistol yet. Blessings and Love

  5. Age is a mother fucker. You bring up a good point about changing and adapting according to your physical abilities/limitations. I'm always late to the party because I don't keep up with the latest and greatest but I eventually get there. Cool vid, thanks for sharing.

  6. Seen the Olight and knew this wasn’t the video for me

  7. You should look into Next EDC belts, they changed my life when carrying Lol..

    So much better than anything else I've tried. I've used them to carry everything from a full size stainless 1911 to a sub compact LCP Max, from crossbreed hybrid tuckable holsters, to kobrakydex appendix carry and everything in between.. I don't even own any regular belts anymore, I just have a different Next EDC belt for every occassion. Lol. My favorite tho is the Next WPS Supreme EDC belt in black with the silver buckle, classy and discrete.

  8. Thank you My Brother for your Service.

  9. Earned a sub brother.. keep vids like this coming I'm in the private security field so I love this stuff. But you should ditch the sig and go with Glock lol just messing sig is good too

  10. That 320 with the china Oligjt is cringe as fuuuuck!

  11. What are your thoughts on a blowout kit? I know you had a med pouch in combat with the norms?

  12. Myself,I carry a couple different pistols, Glock 19 GEN5 or a Sig P220, as a retired LRS and 11B and when I’m training I use a Beretta M9A3.

  13. As a Canadian and a person that doesn’t own a firearm, I am respectfully curious of your personal reason for a concealed carry permit. Do you carry a firearm due to your extensive background is special operations, making you a possible target for enemies foreign and domestic. Is it possibly due to the current climate in America and the volatility that permeates its many states, or is it a habit like carrying car keys and a wallet. Cheers.

  14. I conceal carry a flintlock pistol loaded with grapeshot as the founders intended 😂

  15. Aluminum-grade steel… LOL

  16. For working out try the PHLster Enigma carry rig. You can carry a full size and not need a separate belt.

  17. Respect the right to carry what you want and to be able to defend yourself. But how bad is America when you even need a defensive pencil.

  18. Your honesty and kind of straight forwardness of things is solid. Personally I wouldn't be painting a gun like that because a prosecutor would get a boner over it in court. Some talon tape and a red dot sure, but that pistol is just a stretch for a legal argument. I know it sounds dumb, but court is dumb and they'll eat that up

  19. Dude is on punishermode 24/7. Cross painted on gun, carrying 2 guns + extramags, 2 knives etc. Must have some big traumas if you feel you need to carry all that everyday, littlebit sad

  20. Aircraft aluminium grade steel… haha I get what you're saying though

  21. What a fucking joke. These people are comical. Just comical. All he said was buy his garbage.

  22. I just looked up that knife thinking I would order one. It's like $500 American!! Lol.. i can't see it being worth more than $250 or $300 tops

  23. I am curious about what ammo you use in your EDC 9mm…

  24. Great vid! Just subbed’
    Good job, Air Assault!

  25. @ Eddie .. Why not a 45acp .. It’s destroys more down range .. Why the 9mm ??

  26. Good luck with your courtroom argument if you ever have to use that p320. Seems like a gift to a prosecutor

  27. How do you feel being designated a domestic terrorist?

  28. What brand is your leather American flag notebook

  29. Had to subscribe brother thank you for putting it all on the line for us.

  30. Oh what do you know, a DEVRGU Seal with an olight on his weapon lol These dickheads who have only shot paper need to be banned from talking about firearms.

  31. Isaiah 6:8, nice shirt

  32. Imagine a regular guy in court after a self defense shooting and the prosecution pulls out your custom “Infidel” pistol.

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