Summer Off Duty Everyday Carry |EDC|

A detailed walk through of my Summer Everyday Carry (EDC). Links to everything I mention in the video down below…

Iphone 7:
Apple Watch:
Wallet (Magpul DAKA Everyday Wallet):…


  1. Where’s ur badge if cops stop and search and they find the gun what will I say then, “oh I am a off duty cop I forgot my badge” cop “tuff shit your under arrest for concealed carry without any identification or proof” lol next time don’t forget about your badge

  2. Can you make a video on how you carry your weapon? As far as opinion and some insight. I'd really appreciate that.

  3. do you have a link or a website you are willing to share for the holster?

  4. Im European so im not the right person to say this but isn’t anyone concerned by the fact that this man NEEDS a defensive pistol

  5. Hi, thanks you channel, l'm job First aider,use extra bag you trauma bag,thanks you channel is inspiration, good bless you

  6. Spyderco also offers a generous first responder discount.

  7. Great video! Please check out our STOW wallets at It would be great to set you up with one to review. They are very unique highly efficient machined wallets. Check them out you will be impressed.

  8. Why do you need to carry a gun for everyday use? No wonder kids are being killed every month

  9. edc video: for a firearm i have this pistol…..

    me: casually falls of my chair im glad to live in finland 😀

  10. Like your honesty. Your honesty is refreshing.
    Best to you. God bless you always.

  11. So, uh, that holster comes with two "high capacity clips" ? Right, so my regular EDC components started with of course with the ubiquitous wallet, multi-tool (1989 — dark times), and watch, then grew and evolved through various phones, lights, a few different firearms, another magazine, no watch… then a watch again. Honestly, I've been horribly negligent in not including a trauma kit. No, it of course doesn't need to be a huge do-everything trauma kit for every possible emergency, but I would certainly agree that, minimally, we've a personal and social responsibility to keep the critically-important tourniquet and clotting agent (and knowing how to use them) if one carries a defensive arm.

  12. What gun you carry? Oh I carry the block lol. First gun buyers don't buy the walther ppq first because nothing else will compare after.

  13. A tip, if metal is causing skin problems paint it in clear nail polish to create a barrier between metal and skin.

  14. What is the deal with every YouTuber doing these constant safety checks…? Who cares? It’s a carry gun. Why wouldn’t it be loaded? Is it a YouTube compliance thing?

  15. Tote all that, and don't look like ghost busters!?!?

  16. I always laugh when I see tricked out edc guns ???‍♂️

  17. Honestly man I like your videos and I support what you’re doing. With that said I could pick you out in a crowd easily as far as concealed weapons carry goes. Given I’m not just a regular joe, I’ve spent years in the Marine Corps. I was always taught to blend in with my surroundings. That means the clean cut, shaven face, Oakley and cargo short wearing is a tall tale give away. Not trying to be an asshole or anything just constructive criticism. I know I could do better myself.

  18. a real man carries nothing but a knife and a bow on his back everyday

  19. Been using a kore gun belt for the last 3 years with my Glock 19 and Txs holster with mags and its second to none! Its stiffness and all the adjustment rule the day and make cc a comfortable thing again.

  20. Things you’ll only hear in the edc community: “I’ve really enjoyed this trauma kit”.

  21. Are you a cop or EMS I’m confused lol

  22. How are you going to get that tourniquet it out of the package when your hands are all bloody?

  23. glock 19… so you are gay. I knew it! D:<

  24. Is this winter carry ??try a 43X for a summer carry now . I realize this must be an old video ????

  25. I had that exact same iPhone case, it is definitely very protective

  26. I’m Aussie and guns are kinda illegal soooooooo yeah

  27. I’ve used my spyderco manix2 for self defense and man I think it actually is a great defensive knife. The aggressive g10 and the lock was strong and the big hole helped me open it easily in a high stressful situation. Saved my life.

  28. All oakley lenses have a ANSI Z87.1 which means they are up to the saftey standard.

  29. Mike at Last Line of Defense makes custom holsters and is in Colorado (Englewood area I believe) he should be able to recommend someone to help with the work you need on your firearm.

  30. Red Leg Tactical in Colorado Springs can hook you up with the stipeling

  31. Haha ? Apple ? watch not Iwatch

  32. Great Video thanks for putting this together for us!

  33. In Australia we can't even carry markers in public. Don't believe me? Search it up.

  34. All oakley lenses are hdo rated. So they are all ansi rated

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