Survival Tips: 5 Tips on EDC Everyday Carry Survival Gear – Modern Combat and Survival – Your everyday carry survival gear (EDC) is a critical part of your plan to deal with an instant disaster. But you don’t want to look like some Doomsday Prepper. You want to BE tactical, but not LOOK tactical. Here are 5 “survival shoes” you can use as everyday…


  1. I have a small knife that folds out into a card. It has a lock slide to keep it safe. It's the size of a credit card, but it is razor sharp. Easy to carry. I also have a lock pick tool set, just in case. I got them off of, great if you don't mind waiting a while 😉

  2. And let's not forget to mention that in most cases of capture…they take your shoes. This video is pointless.

  3. Burnt 550 cord works just fine. What are you talking about?!?!

  4. My lover gave me this wonderful survival guide “suvo amazing guide” (Google it) as a gift and I say I loved it very much. We`re doomsday preppers, but want to be ready if any sort of disaster hits. Several disaster readiness books for sale would only mention the classic ideas, however this book will help you know the “whats and hows” during a disaster in the present day.

  5. How long ago did you get your Merrells? I looked them up on Amazon and every style of the current generation of shoes got terrible review about poor quality and falling apart. If they are older, what other brand would you recommend if they quality is poor now?

    Thank you.

  6. Store a couple $20's or more hidden under the insole.

  7. but how do you keep your shoes on if you have to use that para cord ?

  8. If you are handcuffed to something, how are you supposed to reach the handcuff key?

  9. What is the name of that handcuff key?

  10. This is a great vid. Thanks       Charles

  11. Some good ideas but I don't think I'd feel very comfortable carrying a razor blade in my shoe. It's very dangerous.

  12. 550 cord make terrible boot laces. paracord tends to be slick, so they never stay tied. Just use regular laces. You can still use them as cordage, and you don't have to worry about tripping over your laces if you're moving quickly.

  13. Can you go on a comercial flight with those shoes? Any airport security issues? Thanks.

  14. someone please help me. shoelaces are made to keep your shoe on your foot. Right or wrong? so how are you gona keep your shoes on your feet if yo use the shoelaces for some other reason?

  15. Why did you stop making videos for a year?

  16. I have
    a pair of these and i love them.I also watched a video of how to make them yourself,pretty cool.

  17. Would that be TSA safe? (Razor and Firestarter)

  18. What are you people affraid of?? living somewhere in USA… ridiculous

  19. i really enjoy your vids as well as the podcasts! please do more vids!

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