Tactical Pen with Flashlight Car Window Breaker Emergency Survival Pen and #edcfinds

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HiLight’s Stainless Steel tactical pen has everything you need for self-defense. With a LED flashlight, black-ink pen with two ink cartridges, glass-breaker accessories, this pen is perfect for both daily use and emergency situations.

[Material] Stainless Steel body with 6.3 inch overall length, less than 3 oz weight, easy and convenient to carry. Thread Design at the handle, excellent anti-skid ability and good grip, you can sense smooth, continuous, effortless and even ink transfer.
[Bright Flashlight] 30 lumen LED flashlight, a real flashlight. This product equipped with a real flashlight can meet all circumstances.
[Glass Breaker] Tungsten Carbide Tip will never leave you in a dangerous situation. Its strong Tungsten Carbide Tip can break any car window or any other types of glass.
[Accessories] It come with a heavy duty pocket clip so that you can attach it to your shirt, pant pockets, backpack, bags and notebook, etc. Perfect for daily use and traveling. A bottle opener and envelope opener add additional values to the unit.
[Warranty] Five Years of Warranty, we are a US based company, and warranty services are performed in the USA, so buy with confidence.

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