Testing a New EDC Handgun: My Approach

In a video posted by Lucas of T.REX ARMS, he tests out a new carry gun, the Glock 43X MOS, against a weapon of a more civilized era, the 1911 from Michael Weston’s Burn Notice. The objective of the test is to see how different weapons of varying ages compare to each other.

In the video, Lucas tests both weapons by performing various drills, such as zeroing, 25-meter work, sub-second draws, and the two-target bill drill. He also performs the XRAY Alpha Drill and a USPSA-style stage.

Lucas talks about the biggest difference between both guns, stating that the 1911 has a single-action trigger, which is lighter and crisper, while the Glock 43X MOS has a striker-fired trigger, which is more robust and reliable.

In addition, he talks about the Instagram Drill and how people’s guns malfunction more than they admit. Lucas highlights the importance of testing the same gun multiple times to understand its consistency and reliability over time.

Towards the end of the video, Lucas shares his holster and what’s next in terms of testing his new carry gun.

Overall, the video provides an informative and fun perspective on comparing weapons of two different eras and how they perform in various situations.

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  1. burn notice…noice

  2. Thankful I'm not the only one who liked Burn Notice. LOL

  3. Imagine breaking into this dude's house and right before you grab something, you hear from the darkness, "beeeeeep!"

  4. Have you ever saved anyone? No. You're playing video game fantasy out on a gun range. You're "playing" guns. And I bet you're terrible with the gals. Like, real bad. You and your whole crew of misguided "god" knowers. You don't know God. God doesn't know you. You have no relationship with God or reality. You are living pointless lives. And your dorks.

  5. yooo, where is ac1 Cummerbund quick release buckles??

  6. What a lot of these wannabes try desperately to ignore is highly trained veterans.especially special operations have a COMPLETE understanding of how useless the average civilian is with a weapon. If you carry but have no military/combat experience imagine this- why not take an amateur mma/boxing match? Stand across the ring/cage from someone who has trained to beat your ass. You’ll be fine,go home ok,worst case a broken jaw or bloody nose,maybe a broken arm. But with a gun vs gun situation people die,and you just THINK you can handle that intensity ????you’re highly likely dead wrong. If that confuses you,read it again. Scared to get in the ring and get punched, but think you’re Rambo with a handgun having ZERO reason to think so. Illogical thinking at its finest

  7. Burn Notice is one of my all time best TV series.

  8. Question.
    I will be upgrading my G17 G5 MOS with a Red Dot and Suppressor Height Sights. Which one will I first Zero the Red Dot or the Supressor Height Sights?

  9. BURN NOTICE. Thanks Lucas. Sam Axe dual wielding was one of the top gun moments in TV of all time.

  10. Who ever breaks into this dudes home I pray for you ????????

  11. This may just be my personal opinion, but wouldn't the video look more professional without a filter? I may be wrong but aren't filters meant for cinematics and not the whole video? It's really hard on the eyes lol. You have a nice enough camera, it dulls the quality to me. But nevertheless keep up the good work.

  12. Pssh, Mike Westin who? Jack Bauer did more work with a Sig than any other fictional legend.

  13. Even being dedicated to good time on shot timers is helpful in addressing malfunctions. I put an extended slide stop on my gen 3 g19 and kept getting the slide lock back after a round or two from my support hand interfacing with it. When shooting for par times, it became obvious what was causing this new issue and what I needed to do about it.

  14. Lol love this, it’s basically the CS Ice World map.

  15. I’m currently rewatching Burn Notice for a third time.

  16. Can someone remind me what movie it was? "I intruduce myself…."? Thanks 🙂

  17. I’d be curious to see factory vs aftermarket (magpul) magazines get tested for edc purposes

  18. Hello Lucas, if possible, could you do a review of the Rifle Imbel IA2 and your evaluation, it is a 5.56 NATO rifle produced by Brazil, it has several military forces that use it. I thank you for your content

  19. So tell me about that new claw

  20. What I really like is when I can’t see any details of the gun in the beginning because when your editor asked you what LUT pack to use you said “all of them”.

    Great video btw love the channel!

  21. Thanks for doing a new video. I miss your training. It’s been a while.

  22. @ inspring mass shooters since 2014. Thank you for your service. Trump 2024! Make Emerica great again!

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