TESTING THE BEST BLADE FOR CONCEALED CARRY | EDC Combat Application Neck Knife (CANK) – #edcvideos

The Bone Tactical E.D.C. C.A.N.K. (Every Day Carry Combat Application Neck Knife) is the most effective, hand made, fully concealable, fully custom, modern edged weapon ever designed or produced. It fills the void in the market between traditional full size “fighting knives” that can’t always be properly concealed and traditional neck knives that are too small or clumsy to be effectively used as weapons. The CANK is large enough to be combat effective, yet small enough to be concealed comfortably and undetected. Greg designed this incredible blade off the principal of the best weapon being the weapon at hand, but the C.A.N.K.’s ease of carry and concealment is only the first of many unique attributes which make it such an essential tool.
The superior design of the C.A.N.K. affords it the combat potential of other fighting knives nearly twice its size. In order to be fully “combat effective” a spear point or clip point knife such as this should possess a cutting edge of at least 2.5 inches. This is due to the depth of vital veins, arteries, connective tissues, and organs in the human body as well as the many variables that occur in a close quarters combat situation. The Bone C.A.N.K. has a cutting edge of 2 ¾” (we always go above and beyond minimum requirements). Furthermore, the style of a blade determines how that blade will be used in a fight as well as its level of effectiveness. An edged weapon has two primary uses: slashing and stabbing. Due to it’s unique blade profile (recurve grind), the Bone C.A.N.K. does both extremely well. It also performs exceptionally in a forward or reverse grip, and with a variety of martial movement patterns in line with many knife fighting styles.
The next indicator of an effective edged weapon is the grip, yet another area where the EDC C.A.N.K. is leaps and bounds ahead of all other concealed carry fixed blade knives. A large grip or pointed pommel makes other knives too bulky to conceal without “printing” (showing through clothing), and also can become very uncomfortable over time as it could rub, poke, or chafe the person carrying it (making you likely to not have that other knife when you need it most). Not a problem with our CANK! Most knives that do conceal well have a small grip or handle area, which makes them unsafe to use under stress (due to the insecure purchase on the handle). The C.A.N.K.’s superior grip design helps prevent the operator from losing the knife when slashing, or from cutting oneself when stabbing. Mr. Tambone’s design allows this small and concealable knife to still feature an extremely secure grip.
Not just any knife worn concealed on ones person can be a truly effective self-defense applicable knife. It’s important to understand the multiple factors at play before choosing a knife to carry for it’s self-defense potential. Carrying a knife on a necklace is the easiest way for anyone to ensure they always have a blade, but a neck knife capable of elite clandestine use must also be capable of being worn without detection, even under a light T-shirt. The type and material of the necklace is of great importance here, and another small detail we’ve gone to great lengths to get right. The CANK, worn properly, will not “print”, or be visible as a knife to anyone around you (via any of the multiple carry options, stainless steel neck chain, IWB/OWB clip, kydex, or leather sheath). Therefore, for most individuals the maximum overall length of a concealable neck knife is around 6 inches (as anything over this length will likely “print” badly). Width profile and thickness are also a considerations. A neck knife with a bulky handle will also limit concealability, this is why we’ve gone with our proprietary Micarta handle scales in the “Modern Warrior” configurations, and equally thin, contoured exotic hardwoods in the “Resolute Warrior” configuration. Our slimline, minimalist kydex sheath is only possible because we actually designed the retention point into the blade itself, something else we were first to introduce to the edged weapons industry. This integral retention point allows the total package to be extremely small and concealable while at the same time safe for the end user (the knife won’t come out of the sheath on it’s own). It’s also fast to access like all good fixed blade knives. The C.A.N.K. is all the weapon you need, and none of the flash or bulk that you don’t.

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