1. Hey man I have a question! What kind of knife is on the first picture of your video? The intro picture. If you can tell me I would appreciate it man. 😀

  2. I'm addicted to your channel! Love it! Just submitted my EDC for your review, and maybe publishing if you like it. (Or want to critique it! 🙂 Thanks for all you do!

  3. Howdy from Cape Town South Africa. Shout out if you want design help. Happy to help.

  4. I would pay a large sum of money for that blue Olight S1R ii Ti. Just saying.

  5. Hey guys I am trying to do an edc but I don't have an Flashlight I am looking for a small one can someone recomed one.

  6. Personally I think it’s better to se you on the big screen and peoples EDC on the smaller picture.

  7. Why don't people carry balisong instead of a folder??? Is there any other reason other than illigal issues.??


  9. Are you gonna make a video on pry bars?

  10. Appreciate the shoutout Taylor, and your pronunciation of my name was spot on 👌

    Really liking this new format. It was nice being able to see other kits out there, whether or not they were verbally mentioned. Allowed my roommate and i to pause the video and get new ideas for our EDCs.

    Keep up the great work!

  11. where do you guys get nice finishes on your edc flashlight?

  12. gud stream love the discord submissions always

  13. I am on the hunt for a Dark Timber 1911 Elite Green Micarda.

  14. Purchased the black shirt. Man great design!!!

  15. 25:00 yes, I'd like to see how you edit the photos 👍

  16. I think I’m going to buy a watch later

  17. People walking around with $1,000 dollar carries looking the same as the day they bought.

  18. Is the new shirt supplier bunker branding if not you should definitely check them out

  19. do twitch if you're playing games man! seriously make a video to advertise it. you would like the story of firewatch btw. you can play it on PC.

  20. got a 88' f150. Like the old fords. I enjoy toyota with 4runners, tacomas and tundras. But I would want a hemi if i get a new truck. Not a fan of chevy, unless its like hella old XD

  21. I have a new found respect for you. You are a man of true culture. Skyrim is best game.

  22. Always skips EDCs with guns

  23. Dark fruits is a UK cider with blackcurrant hense the dark colour and name.

  24. Steve has been slacking on that paper for like a week lmao

  25. Yo, mrsw from one of the first submissions you checked out. It's a Para 3 with Fireside Co TeroTuff scales, and next to it is a Sage 5 LW. Thanks brotha

  26. Boom !! Love the tee shirt Picked one up! Pumped!!!

  27. You probably won't see this comment but make sure to look up the timing belt issue Ford is having before considering getting anything recent from them out of warranty.

  28. 13:00 is when the good stuff starts

  29. Fun times in the live chats 👍

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